A Good Day

Today I found out that my work is changing insurance providers in January to Aetna, which will have better coverage, so I am switching my surgery date to be in January to save myself some money.

My boss told me I could start my new schedule on Monday (8-12:30 everyday except Tuesday 8-6).

I was also really wanting something I thought was important but I couldn’t figure out how to pay for it, but then a way to pay for it magically fell out of the sky, so I decided God wanted me to have it.

Also the Christmas cards came in at work, which I and a designer I work with were assigned to this year (one writer and one designer is assigned each Christmas). Anyway, we got lots of kudos from the company because it is unique and fun. I’ll try to put it on the blog here if I can.

I was really productive today at work and then finally, just before I left, I found out that a guy I work with has been asked to contribute to a monthly industry publication because the publication likes how “his” blog “reads” and they love “his” style. As the real writer of his blog, this technically means I just got a gig writing in a monthly publication. No extra money, no extra credit (except from my boss, who always leaps up and has me wiggle fingers with him anytime I score like this), but still it was cool.

David’s gone, but I’ve been given the ok to come and go as needed this week at work and just make up my time at home. So, we should be good.

David had an appearance in court this morning before he left, and even though the judge was set on giving his client the max, the judge did concede a point that David made (although he went ahead and ignored it for sentencing) and this made David feel like at least he accomplished something. He also wrote a brief for another attorney that was well received, so he’s feeling good, although you can’t tell because of the ever-present, thick layer of grumpiness my husband wears. I grounded him from the house for a few days for excessive grumpiness, but I fear it didn’t have a deterrent effect since he was already traveling… either way, the net result is that I can love my husband from afar with less grumpiness in the house for the next few days.

So, a good day.

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