Grateful Thoughts

Lucy’s labs came back normal, which is great.  The next steps will be allergies, intolerances and other digestion issues.

My boss approved my alternate schedule, which will start not this week but next (unless my surgery remains on the 9th, in which case it will start when I get back).  My surgery date is up in the air again until I my next doctor’s appointment on Thursday AM. 

Thanksgiving was nice, it has been a good weekend.  I’ve been sluggish, but got a lot of kid time and housecleaning in.  Poor Noah got a really bad stomach flu the last 2 days, with fever and absolutely nothing staying down.  Last night was a rough one.

Aside from that, I’m feeling very grateful for a lot of things—it is clear the Lord has really taken care of us this year—always has, really, but all those years I felt a little out blown in the wind I can now better see what He was teaching us and that he was arranging things for our better good through all that.  It’s good to feel God’s love in that way. 

David will be out of town this coming week, it’s going to be a hard one, but I have a lot of family and friend support.  We went out this past weekend and I decided that even though I see him less often than ever, I really like him still, and I’m really proud of the work he is doing at the Federal Defender, and particularly proud of why he does it. 

We went to see a much-awaited vampire movie Friday that was very sweet and intense.  And I although I’m sure it goes without saying which one it was, I will clarify that it was the new Swedish indie film “Let the Right One In.”   I broke my rated R movie rules to spend time with David, who was already going with other friends.  Then I got a talking to today from a youth speaker who explained that it is not just about the rating, but about any content which makes it so you can’t feel the Spirit.  And since this particular much-awaited vampire movie was about a real vampire who—although only 12 and lonely and sad—actually has to reluctantly but desperately feed off random people to survive, and who takes bloody (and I must say gratifying) vengeance  to defend her only friend in the end—it was still a real vampire movie.  Anyway, the youth speaker’s point is taken. 

Tomorrow for FHE we start advent.  David picked up the required advent calendars from Trader Joes on his last visit.  I’m going to try to sing Christmas songs each night as a family this month and for our lesson tomorrow ask my family to participate in giving the gift of more regular and fervent prayers through the advent season to see if we can have the spirit of the Savior more strongly felt in our home.

Well, that’s my update.  Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving.

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