New Years Resolutions & Organized Religion

What, I have a blog? 


Well, the blog is meant to record the activities of one’s life, but the activities of this blogger’s life are pushing out time for blogging or even email these days.  Still, I will try to get back to my Sunday habit.  There’s my first New Year’s resolution. 


My other one is the same one I’ve had most of the past 20 years—this year I will become a happy, thin, rich, motherly spiritual giant. 


It seems so simple, ironic, mutually exclusive and so, so familiar every January, but in the spirit of simplicity, it’s nice to get it all boiled down in writing.  Some omens say that the odds of reaching this goal at least in part are a bit more in my favor this year than in past years, but let’s give this same tired goal another 365 days and see what happens.  I’ll keep you posted.


I found this article interesting, and relevant to this discussion.  It is annoying to have scientists study Believers and why religion “evolved,” but it is funny to see them scratch their heads over why religiosity helps people so much.


Findings: For Good Self-Control, Try Getting Religious About It


Happy New Year!  I predict that—at least for me—2009 will be an interesting one, that good will come of it, but that it may not be a very comfortable ride. 

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