I woke up under-medicated, under-estrogened and feeling like a train wreck. I took a handful of pills and slept another couple hours and tried again. Then I had a nice day. —French Toast
and Pot Roast . I worked on getting my recipes online so I could find them easier all in one place like Shauna, but it won’t be done for a few more Sundays.

Happy Birthday to my dear sweet Birthday Buddy Michele , I’m thinking happy thoughts for you today.

Since I’m in the camp who believes our national crisis is only beginning and the natural and unavoidable consequences of our collective behavior for many decades (and not in the camp who thinks it is a creation of that evil media that is too happy to report on all those scary economic reports, and really everything would be hunky-dory if we all stopped believing the news)–I found this article a sobering and good read, thought I’d pass it along.

Rich: America in Denial

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  1. dietcokegrrl
    dietcokegrrl says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Sorry it started out lame, but glad it was nothing a little medication and lots of yummy food couldn’t cure.

    Love the new blog design and the recipe site. Fun!

    Miss you!


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