Campaign 2012 Begins . . .

Finally, a conservative who remembers that small government was a key part of the platform. After so many big-spend, big-government conservatives (McCain and Obama were all hand in hand about these stimulus/bailouts) it’s nice to hear some good rhetoric on the other side. I’m glad Obama won for lots of reasons and hope he is effective, but I’m very open to real fiscal conservatism if it actually exists anymore outside of speeches.

Even so, it is very, very clear from Jindal’s response tonight that you just may have heard the first stump speech of the 2012 election. He’ll be 41. That would be a truly interesting race, and from a strategic standpoint, possibly the only way to even try to contest Obama if his support doesn’t crash.

Down with the parties. Up with good ideas. There is my random, anti/pro-everyone thought tonight.

PS I’m fine. The bed thing is getting old.

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  1. candcfamily
    candcfamily says:

    I think that is the first thing I heard positive about Jindal’s talk–the talking heads are saying it was a poor “presentation” and not saying anything about “substance.” I guess that is one of the problems with our society–its all about appearances. But, seriously, I wish massive-useless-spending was the way out of every economic crisis, wouldn’t it be fun if it worked on an individual level -I am willing to give it a try!! Glad you are recovering!


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