What would you do with 16 hours a day in bed?

Thanks so much for all your sweet messages. They mean a lot. I know people really want to help, but David is amazing, as I told my VT:

“I know that people are frustrated that David keeps saying no to help. For the most part, when he is “on duty,” things are done much better than I would do them. He does the dishes after every meal and wipes down the table. He sweeps every day, cleans up the bathrooms every day and enforces room cleaning better than I do. He went through our Martha Stewart “Everyday Food” monthly magazine, wrote out menus, went shopping, and made tortellini with pancetta and peas tonight. The fridge is full. This doesn’t seem to stress him because it just involves scheduling and tasks and checklists, which he loves. It’s other people that stress him out.”

David and I were joking this morning that he is partly a perfect husband and partly a perfect ass. I love my Grumpilicious so much.

Pain is up, so meds are up a bit. I used to be ok as long as I was lying flat, but as of 6 a.m. today I realized that safety is gone–the thing is growing in there and now even lying down I’m free game, so I’m staying on top of my pill schedule religiously. (me, the natural childbirth/food/healthcare freak–it all goes out the window with some real pain)

David says having me bed-ridden is easier on him and the family than my working full time. That really tells you something about how hard work has been on our family, doesn’t it? At least now he can send kids back to me to help with homework, chat, hug, read stories or get them out from underfoot for dinner making.

The nurse’s help with the incision has been helpful. Still not feeling like talking on the phone (coverage is bad back here anyway) and although I let my VT come over for a nice breakfast just the two of us, which was rather nice, I think my social needs are met for the week and I ran back to bed, where the ow-ies are more tame.

My birthday is on Sunday. I’m looking for a good sugar-free treat, I’m thinking maybe Cheesecake Factory SF cheesecake? Ideas?

Since book reading is hard, I’m coming to love my completely supine computer setup. The internet allows me to feel like I’m doing stuff, there’s background noise (in the form of web radio–see the new widgets) my short attention span is coddled and I can continually fall asleep without losing my place . I listen to a lot of scriptures/conference, which makes me instantly fall asleep. You can say it is poor gospel study or a really righteous nap.

I’m going to buy my seeds now at www.rareseeds.com –won’t you join me?

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  1. Megan
    Megan says:

    Are you doing any Netflix instant viewing??? That’s what I’m likely to do during Thomas’s 10th birthday party tomorrow since I’ve got tonsilitis…

  2. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    I just want you to know that I’m thinking of you and glad that you have such a wonderful caregiver. 🙂

    I am so glad that you shared your seed selection. You are making me want to at least get started. So I don’t overwhelm myself, maybe I’ll start with tomatoes. You have some great suggestions!



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