From Invalid to Athlete in 9 Weeks

I’m back at work, getting back into the swing of things, and starting some very challenging personal goals.  Conference was an important time for me and helped me refocus on service, discipleship and self-mastery rather than where I was (that would be the four Ds:  Discouragement, Despair, Lack of Diligence, at whatever the other one was). 


I keep thinking about the words to “Lead Kindly Light.”  “Lead thou me on, the night is dark and I am far from home . . . Keep Thou my feet, I do not ask to see the distant scene . . .  One step enough for me . . . I was not ever thus nor prayed that thou should lead me on.  I loved to choose and see my path but now, lead Thou me on.  I loved the garish day and spite of fears, pride ruled my will, remember not past years.  So long thy power has led me, sure it still will lead me on . . .”  I think about Elder Eyring’s talk a while ago about not always asking for our own agendas when we pray but asking what He wants us to do.  I have found some peace just asking for what He wants me to do (rather than telling him what I want) and saying simpler prayers.


Anyway, I’m starting to realize how important self-mastery is when trying to feel the Spirit and receive revelation  Part of my self-mastery goal includes not getting diabetes.  My coworker is the chairman for this ride and my company has a team.  Please click above and show your support in my efforts to help myself to fight off diabetes and others to fight the diabetes they have.  If you live in Utah, I would love it if you would ride with me.  Give me an email and I’ll send you a code so you can join for just $15.  There is also a family ride that is only 7 miles. 


From invalid to athlete in 9 weeks: Will you support me?



Love to all,



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