My new look

Here is me wearing a custom instrument designed by Emilie Simon. Or, it’s Emilie Simon. It’s so hard to tell these days.

I go back to work tomorrow and since I had completely let myself go from an inch and a half of grey to a kick-A unibrow, I’ve been slowly putting myself back together. I had this picture from a New Yorker from last October and took it into the salon today. I said I knew she had a few inches of length on me still, but my hair does this on it’s own I just didn’t have the way-cute bangs. But now I do.

So, just a few pounds of difference, and she has brown eyes, but it’s uncanny, don’t you think?

When I came home from the hair place, Sophie said, “Mom, you look like a teenager!”

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  1. Michele
    Michele says:

    I’m coming! I can’t see you soon enough. We will be in SLC next week. We’ll arrive Monday. I want to see this new look in person!

    Word verification: deconed – I hope the roads are deconed for our drive.


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