Just checking in to let you know I made it to work today in one piece—just in case you were worried.  It was probably more than 15 miles, because I chose to avoid traffic over finding the shortest route (and did so very successfully!)  It was fun, a bit of an adventure, and my legs feel a little funny now, so I beat on them periodically.  I left at 6:40 and got here at 8:20, and I generally average 12 MPH, so I was a bit slow apparently, although I still think all the windy bike trails added to my total mileage.  No gym for me today—I got here too late.  At 3ish I’ll bike the 5 miles over into downtown and pickup the van to go home to the kids. 


I think of it this way—why buy fuel to get myself to work when I have plenty already stored on my body that I can use for free?  😉


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  1. dcr
    dcr says:

    geat to hear you’re joining the ranks of (nearly) bicycle commuter! it’ a great way to beat stress and (my REAL motivation) eat more chocolate.

  2. DJ Suede
    DJ Suede says:

    Can I get a HELL YEAH! Way to go! I rode to work today too! It’s addicting I seem to always have a better day at work when I ride. Burn fat not fossil fuels!

  3. Michele
    Michele says:

    Way to go – and I mean both the biking and the chickens. Hope to see you when we come up next week. We’ll be there through the 4th of July. I’ll bring a bike 🙂 It will help you feel better about your speed. Hahahah.

    Word verification: amitasto

    What did the chicken say to the farmer?

  4. Carrie
    Carrie says:

    AWESOME! I was so excited to hear about your bike ride. Way to go! I think it is so neat that you did it! I can hardly wait to hear about your spudman tri! You are my hero.


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