Athena TRIumphant!

I did it!  It was great!  I feel great! 


There were all sorts of adventures, mishaps, comical goings-on and plenty of peak experiences.  I’m working on my race report which will have everything in excruciating detail.  But the basic thing to report is that I was prepared. I met my goal of finishing in under four hours and not last (that’s walking the run and with a tire blowout).


Yes, I am rather achy today in pretty much every muscle, but hey, it was a four hour workout—even the veterans I went with tell me it takes a week to recover.  Still, we’ll all be back at swim class on Tuesday.  I think I’m hooked!  Yay triathlon!  Long live the Athena!*


*Athena is a very cool sounding name for a 150+ lb female competitor


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