Fall 09

White turkeys are the ones generally sold commercially. I meant to take a picture of both the bronze and whites before, but I just have a white before and a bronze after.

And After II (yes, we cook our turkey’s upside down, it’s part of a very elaborate turkey roasting ritual my husband carries out):

Our white hens that we got last year still lay wonderfully–one big fat white egg a day usually. But, I’m down to 6 now. I had them loose for much of the summer and I guess I lost two to predators.

Cute lucy on the tree ladder.

Lucy and Noah in the back yard.

Mother hen (used to be the rooster I called “sissy chicken”) and her 12 chicks out learning how to forage. She is pretty fierce if you get too close, as you can kind of see in this picture. She’s a great mother, and she does gather them under her wings, just like the scriptures say God will do for us.
I need to take more pictures of the trees here–it is so gorgeous. Yesterday we got the sod cutter rented again and took out more grass for next year’s garden. It seems counterintuitive to follow up my miserable neglected failure of this year with expanded ambitions for next year, but we feel we should try again. The first year was very fulfilling, and we did get some good out of this year’s but I was learning how to juggle the work/family/health/garden issues.

Talk about fall, we picked tons of apples yesterday from the neglected tree way back on the property (you have to commando crawl under a fence to get over there, then pass the buckets back over when done). Some of them were so perfect and huge. If we found a wormy one, we threw it to our neighbor’s (very grateful) sheep. I have applesauce canning on the agenda this week.
Yesterday I also inventoried my food storage, and I’m not so bad as I thought. We are fervently working on that now. I’ll go on record that I think the constant media talk of signs of recovery is just that–talk–and I personally think we haven’t yet seen the worst of it. I realize only 20% of economists agree with me on that, though.
I heard a comment in general conference that perfectly summed up what I’ve been feeling as I’ve been reading about both the economy and studying the scriptures much more than I have before (funny how well they go together!)
It was D. Todd Christofferson who said, “We cannot presume that the future will resemble the past—that things and patterns we have relied upon economically, politically, socially will remain as they have been.”
I think there is a lot of false security thrown about in the name of what has always happened, but real security is in obedience to and trust in God and trying to live by the Spirit.
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