So, it was short lived, but at least I have pumpkin

Whatever that feeling was, it’s gone now.  I guess it was the eye of the storm.  I’m still happy, but stressed to the max.  


Dave’s traveling, a campaign I did at work is blowing up in a good way but causing TONS of work/stress, Ben took a paper route (ie, I took a paper route, at least that’s the way it feels after the first week), money management seems like a part time job and for the past two days I have gone until 6 a.m. to midnight or 1 a.m. non-stop to get everything done, and that doesn’t count much housecleaning, and I’m not even touching my own projects.  This schedule may be normal for some of you, but arg, I need my beauty sleep.


And speaking of beauty, I need to give my testimony of Weight Watchers yet again, the “church for fatties” —I love it and am resigned and committed paying that $40/month WW “tithing” the rest of my life.  I got my 5% award last night and for the first time am finally living the program and feeling great.  It makes such a huge difference that I’m doing it with a friend (Kim from work).  It is exciting that I’m keeping it up under all the pressure.  Well, I accidentally discovered an amazing (cheap!) secret that’s helping me do that, more later when I have time.  (NO, it’s not meth, silly.)


So, even if you aren’t on WW, you should try this cake—the name is longer than the recipe!


Fast, cheap, easy, low-cal, fat free (but doesn’t taste like it) yummy snack cake:


15 oz can pumpkin

Any cake mix (spice, carrot and chocolate are my faves.)


It’s fine alone, but you can add a little cinnamon if you use chocolate or yellow mix.  Chocolate chips are always good (1 point per T!).  It takes a second to mix together and at first you’ll think it is too dry, then you’ll think it’s too thick.  You’ll be tempted to add eggs or oil or something—DON’T!  Spread it in a PAM’d 9×9 pan and cook at 350 for 25 or so minutes, cut in 12 pieces.  Dust with powdered sugar if you want.  They are less than 100 cal a piece (2 points!) and SO moist with a soft texture–you won’t believe there’s no fat in it.


Give me some pumpkin love…

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