I don’t remember it being this cold last year.

Single digits in the night here.  Craziness.  It’s just not right.  I have to feed the chickens almost hot water so they can drink a bit before it freezes.  I have 9 chickens in my chicken prison for egg eating that need to be harvested on Saturday for the freezer.  I guess a nice warm egg is just too tempting in freezing weather, but once a chicken gets a taste for raw eggs, they are useless. 


We had a snow day yesterday.  School wasn’t cancelled, but I was stressed because David is out of town this week, I’m working to get work settled before my surgery (it got postponed two weeks, so now it’s next Wednesday).  Our heat went out in the house Sunday night and there was a rush because of the cold snap so they couldn’t come fix it until Tuesday afternoon. Our van is in the shop and David’s car has no heat.  I stayed up too late working on my projects, got up too late and got everyone bundled up in blankets in the car with 20 minutes to get to school, let alone drop the little kids off at my moms.  Then it took 20 minutes just to go 3 miles—there was lots of snow on the ground, it was coming down hard and the kids were complaining about numb toes.  I realized I had at least an hour to get the kids to school and I would be even later to work.  So, I turned around and went home.  I felt lame about copping out, but when we got home I realized we had a flat tire in back, so I’m glad I didn’t get stuck in the snowstorm on the freeway with all the kids.  I used to complain about the blandness of California weather and missed the seasons, but I meant I missed spring, fall and the first snow.  Can I sign up just for that somewhere?


The holidays are upon us.  I hope you’re all enjoying yourselves.  It will have to be low-key by necessity this year, too much going on and the surgery, but maybe that’s for the best.


Trying to stay warm,



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  1. Pam
    Pam says:

    North Carolina…your weather answer is North Carolina. You will get about 3 snows in the winter, but everything closes, everything. If only I could get my husband to move back there.

    I am glad that you did not get stuck with a flat tire. It sounds like a tender mercy from the Lord not a cop out from you.

    We really need to catch up. I hope your surgery goes well.


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