As a hen gathers her chickens

I promise, I won’t always be about the chicken thing, but here’s an interesting thing I’ve learned.  

If you have read Isaiah at all, and/or the Book of Mormon, it is almost impossible not to look at a mother hen and wonder what the Lord meant when He said He would gather us as a hen gathers her chickens under her wings.  

She literally puts them under her wings.  I mean, I picked her up to count the chicks and make sure none were missing (one ran off and actually spent a whole night outside the coop alone because I didn’t check under her the night before).  And–there were only two chicks under her, yet the hen’s body was peeping.  No chicks falling out–the other two were all tucked up inside there.

Mama hen fluffs herself out huge in order to cover them and protect them–she guides with clucking and wings and, at the slightest danger (which means me), she rustles them back to safety, which often means under herself.  

Such a nurturing image–a very engaged, concerned parent protecting the child both physically and with constant direction and teaching.  God is quite a poet.

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