The best laid plans

Today I had no less than 13 things on my list to do, probably
totalling 20 hours of tasks, from the chaos which is my post-Fathers
Day weekend kitchen to lunch with old friends, planting, work on three
different websites and five errands to keep business and home running
smoothly. But bad mom took kids swimming last Friday and forgot
Lucy's earplugs, so if I am to keep the screaming and crying away
until the doctor can see her I have to sit perfectly still right here,
sandwiched by my two youngest, with Dora on the laptop.

I've been working on practicing the idea that the key to happiness is
to expect nothing and want only what I have, and it's working. I
actually am enjoying this time with my little ones. I can't consider
them distractions after all, since they are the point of me being home
now in the first place.

Plus, one-thumbed blogging is a good lesson in patience. 🙂

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