Backcountry adventures

Wow! I'd never gone four-wheeling before today and now it feels like
I've done it all my life. So much fun, and such beautiful, wild
country. Uncle Bob said a visiting botanist told them that some of the
cedars on the property are over 6000 years old, which boggles the
mind. The sky is just so big up here.

I got a far away shot of mom and her sister Anita on the Brute Force.
For a bit, Noah and Lucy were both with me and I hopped off for a pic
but Lucy was mad about the heat and the bumps. She perked up on the
way back when we could tear fast down a flat road and yell "Yee
HAH!". My mom says the last picture shows why people think Doris and
I are sisters. 😉

Having a lovely time.

(End of the post onslaught.)

Another Short Trip

For over two years since we moved here I've meant to get up to my aunt
and uncle's near Duschesne (?) where they've built a fantabulous home
on 20 wild acres. We brought my mom up yesterday afternoon for a few
days of country relaxation.

The very first item of business was the five kittens under the porch.
Then, another batch of five was found this morning in the cab of the
old decorative army truck with mommy cat #2.

Tae Kwon Do Testing

I never would have thought we’d be such a TKD family. But here we are,
and Noah’s begging to start. Just before his birthday, David surprised
me by coming home with a dobok and a white belt. We’ve watched enough
belt testings by now that he felt it may suit him. He soon learned the
gym is much harder on adult students than the kids, but he’s still
glad he has someone to kick his behind twice a week. We love Kim’s TKD!
Congrats to Ben who is now High Red, the last belt before the four
deputy black belts start. Did his board break with a flying kick.
Sophie graduated from the easier, white through green class and is a
full fledged blue. And David is no longer a novice and is getting
lots of kudos on his form from Master Kim and the black belts.

Middle Wheeler Creek Hike

My littlest ones are starting to lose their enthusiasm for hiking, I'm
afraid, and I need to consider on future hikes that I may likely have
a child on back or shoulders. Some trail mix with a heavy dose of M&Ms
maybe. This is about 40 minutes up by Pineview and is a gorgeous hike.
I would like to do the whole thing with just older kids or adults soon.

Farewell, Berthoud

Colorado was amazing, I still have a few more pictures to post.  Patricia is really a saint–one of the few people I know truly without guile, a patient mother with a rare combination of a peaceful spirit and an adventurous soul.  It is such a blessing to call her friend.  
We have great plans for this week.  It has been a great summer so far.  I take GREAT offense that the retail stores are already doing “back to school.”  I call BOYCOTT!
(Patricia and I worked a bit clearing her chicken run and I found a snake. Just in case you’re wondering what that is there.)

True Americana

This amazing old silo on Patricia's farm is truly a historical gem,
complete with the handprints of the original masons, a sign of true
Americana. The place has so many great outbuildings. The tool shop is
on the left and the chicken coop is on the right. She has four poults
which will begin to lay in September.