Tae Kwon Do Testing

I never would have thought we’d be such a TKD family. But here we are,
and Noah’s begging to start. Just before his birthday, David surprised
me by coming home with a dobok and a white belt. We’ve watched enough
belt testings by now that he felt it may suit him. He soon learned the
gym is much harder on adult students than the kids, but he’s still
glad he has someone to kick his behind twice a week. We love Kim’s TKD!
Congrats to Ben who is now High Red, the last belt before the four
deputy black belts start. Did his board break with a flying kick.
Sophie graduated from the easier, white through green class and is a
full fledged blue. And David is no longer a novice and is getting
lots of kudos on his form from Master Kim and the black belts.

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