Coalsville of a Sunday

Although these pictures do little to capture the peace of this moment,
I didn't want to forget this sweet picnic we stopped to enjoy a week
ago Sunday as we drove up to Jackson for the big summer vacation.

We had an old-timey icebox picnic of cold fried chicken, bread, fruit
and veggies in an old but tidy flag-draped pavillion. Then the kids
played a bit before settling back into the car to finish the drive.

Other than a shushing breeze, the town and the park were wonderfully
silent and perfectly vacant in every direction but for a single
horse. I'd like to attribute it to Sunday piety more than economic
collapse, but it was likely both. (And the latter tends to encourage
the former, of course.)

Then on to glorious Jackson, where the flood of loveliness continued.
More posts on that soon.

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