July 24 Parade

In the spirit of positivity let me just say that the July 4 parade
that goes right in front of my house in West Bountiful is the best. It
is shortish, quaint and old-timey, and enough candy is thrown to feed
my kids for a week if I allowed it. If I get thirsty, hot or tired I
traipse into my house and do whatever while my kids scramble for candy
safely in my own driveway. Why aren't all parades like this?

But this post is about the Bountiful 24 Pioneer Day parade. I had a
date to see Salt with David I was anxious to get to and the website
said 120 entrants in the parade, but I was trying to be optimistic. In
the end, there were almost 130 and we barely got to our 9:10 seats in
time although the parade started at six. How many dance companies and
drill teams can be in one town? (Answer: 9)

We go to my grandmother Louise's retirement center to watch it with
her each year. Here are the highlights, according to me: (doesn't look
90, does she? May I be so lucky!) what is it about the Wendys people I
like so much? The frosty guy, I guess.

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