If you can’t join ’em–start your own party

As I said in my last post, I was so excited to get my kids going in the fancy new choir.  But as the moment moved closer to write the check, I started feeling weird about it.  It was so much money, and I felt anxious as I thought about that and the “performance parent” chaos that would replace my peaceful, quiet holiday season–they have tons of performances.

We decided to nix it, and glad I did, as I found out from a friend that there were a lot of additional fees and charges I didn’t know about–it would have amounted to another $260 a month!  So that was a good call.

Then, as I told my friend Melonee about it, she recommended I just have my own children’s choir–for parents like us who don’t have tons of expendable income or time to run around to tons of performances, but still want a fancy classical musical education for our kids.  I have some great curriculum materials and felt I could still give my kids what I wanted for them, I just needed some more kids to round it out.  Plus I had just told Melonee I wanted to take on a few more voice students anyway, so it all came together.

So I spent a couple hours the other night to pop up a website and get the materials together.  We’ll practice in my home for now, at the church if they will allow it and we grow too much, and the school has given me permission (and a piano!) to have rehearsals there after school.  It should be really fun, and although we’ll still perform, it won’t be a crazy schedule (and always on my terms).  🙂

So, that’s what I’m doing these days.

Prep for Christmas starts this coming Wednesday–German, Latin, and Kodaly ear training to boot. Should be fun! Please pass along the info to anyone in the area who may be interested.


Veritas Children’s Choir was created to provide an affordable, quality musical foundation to children ages 8-15* in Davis County and the greater Salt Lake City area. A wide range of exciting repertoire, formal Kodaly training and upbeat instruction help young singers learn to sing naturally while th…
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