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Consistent with my recent post, although not altogether intentionally, music really has begun to take over my life.  Utah Chamber Artists rehearsals are back in session, and we perform with the Utah Symphony this coming weekend (tickets still available through Utah Symphony).  Also, the Christmas concert on December 6th is going to be transcendent and fabulous, get your tickets now.

Location:Libby Gardner Concert Hall
Time:7:30PM Monday, December 6th

My new children’s choir is doing wonderfully–almost 30 kids already–and we’re preparing for Christmas performances that are fast approaching.  Rehearsals are now up to four a week (although kids only are required to come to two).  Combined with giving and getting private lessons, preparing for my choirs, and getting ready to continue more advanced music study next year at the U, my free time is wonderfully full of things that make me happy.
But of course something had to go to make room for this.  
With the first freeze, the garden took care of itself–that work is over, and next spring will entail a very conservative planting, which may even include some grass.  
Perhaps more shocking, as of Saturday I am now no longer murderous or an owner of any chickens at all.
I also had to let go of most of my volunteer time at the kid’s school, so I can earn a little on the side and keep my home in better order.  
And obviously, I’m writing a whole lot less.  That’s a sad one, and I hope to squeeze it in more.  
Like gardening, music often involves my children, or at least doesn’t require me leaving them (even if sometimes they tell me to get off the piano so they can practice or my little ones tell me to quit being so loud–just the opposite of what my teacher says 😉  and my UCA rehearsals and performances (four this week total!) are later in the evening, so not too hard on the parenting.
The family is doing well, Ben and Sophie are both doing well in school, Tae Kwon Do and piano.  Noah and Lucy seem to be enjoying life.  David is my favorite thing, so I’m glad he lives here.  I love being home.  
It’s strange that in all of this I still struggle so hard to find hope and act charitable–the more weighty purposes in life.  I’ve really noticed the connection between hope and charity lately–it’s almost impossible to have the latter without the former.  It’s always been tricky for me to keep my head straight and not get discouraged about things–not just my own things, but other people’s struggles, state-of-the world things.  
This week I discovered that when we are told to put on the full armor of God, the armor that protects the head–the helmet–is the “hope of salvation.”  That was quite an epiphany–that hope is the key to keeping my head straight.  I need to remember that. 
But aside from keeping the crazy at bay, all in all things are good.
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