I’m on a roll!

Two Sundays in a row–success is imminent! We continue plugging away through this particularly grueling time of our lives.  Five weeks left.  Today I taught a lesson on Gratitude in Relief Society, and David heard the same lesson in priesthood.  We both came away renewed and more committed to be humble and accept the Lord’s plan and timeline.  A good thing we go to church each week, that’s about how often we need reminding.

I planned my lesson and went with the flow of the discussion, and came away learning things I didn’t fully understand going in.  Through our talking, we realized that gratitude is really a principle of trust in God.  Life is by it’s nature hard, and hard isn’t bad, it’s the point.  The only thing we can expect in life is that He will make it all come together for our good. I’ve seen that happen enough to know it’s true.

I also learned that gratitude is a principle that unlocks the heavens in a way that’s beyond just cheering us up because of positive thinking–it allows the Lord to bless us in ways he can’t if we aren’t in a grateful mindset–it literally allows us to see the hand of God, and is the key to true joy in this life.  It’s not just, “I know, I should be grateful, but things are too lame.” It’s really searching for God in daily life, which in turn makes it easier to find Him, which in turn allows Him to have an even greater influence. It’s really an amazing root principle.

I also learned something about complaining.  We live in a culture where if bad things happen, we have a “right” to complain and be upset about it–indignant.  The difference between sharing our troubles with a friend and complaining is pride and ingratitude. When we are affronted by our trials rather than humbled by them, it shows that, like Laman and Lemuel, we murmur because we know not the dealings of God.  I’ve really recommitted to avoiding complaining, I really feel it limits the ability for God to work in my life.  

Funny how you can “teach” a lesson and come out with things that were completely not on the radar. That calling has been a great blessing to me.

Thanks to a gift certificate from David’s parents, their willingness to babysit and a miraculous 4-hour window David had in his insanely unsustainable study/work schedule after returning from out of town, I got my first date of the year last night, to celebrate our 18th anniversary this week. Wow, we are so old–I can’t see how this happened. For such avid daters, we have really missed it.  But it’s true that I appreciated it more since it is so hard to come by these days.

Other events of the week,—my Children’s Choir is moving over to the new Centerpoint Legacy Theater in February and out of my house. I finally decided which program I should do at the U and am applying this weekend for next fall (second Bachelor, Music Education – Choral).  Report cards came in this week and Ben and Sophie are doing well. Ben had a fabulous time on the Klondike overnighter and managed to stay warm, went cross country skiing for the first time, came home happy, exhausted, and sun kissed.

I’m really starting to see with Ben and Sophie that I have prepubescent timebombs on my hands if I don’t really start focusing in on their changing needs.  After years of just making sure everyone gets meals and clothes, spiritual fundamentals, protection from obvious dangers and sufficient hugs, I can sense a shift in my parenting stage that I’m trying to be more prepared to handle.  A lot more practical application of all this preparatory stuff coming up fast.

Pressing forward and counting down . . . .

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