Noah’s Birthday

My little guy is now 6.5 and here are his big six birthday pics.  He is a little sweetie, still wears 5Ts and has the same, pinchable cheeks.  He still loves playing with cars, riding his bike and just generally being friendly to everyone (until he starts throwing gleeful punches).  For those of you familiar with Blue’s Clues, I call him my little Green Puppy (the character who loves knocking down other’s block towers just for the joy of it).

His favorite color is black, his favorite show is Oswald.  His favorite family activity is family night, which I wouldn’t have guessed based on his behavior on said nights.  He is quite the monkey.  Lucy is his best friend.  The other day I was tucking him in and giving him the drill, “You’re going to grow up and be a good man, right?”
“And a good daddy?”
“And a good husband?”
“Yes . . .”– look of concern.  “Mommy, who am I going to marry?  Oh, I know.  I’ll marry Lucy.”  Mommy explains he can’t marry Lucy, and the concern returns.  I explain he won’t have to worry about that for a while, but he ponders it until he decides on our new next door neighbor who is also six and is in his Kindergarten and Primary classes.  Now content, he snuggles into the covers and closes his eyes.  “I’ll marry Elsa.”  Well, since they are going to grow up together, I’d better write it down, just to be sure.

Love you, sweet Noah!

Holding new cousin, Lucas

Right about this time, we got our In-N-Out at last, so we celebrated a little there

You can’t tell from the pic, but it is packed and the whole Centerville Police Department seemed to be dedicated to the grand opening in directing traffic and the blocks of cars waiting for the drive-thru.

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