Sophie’s Birthday

Sophie is now 9.5 and I’ve yet to post her birthday.  What is shocking to me is how, just 6 months later, all the kids look so much younger in these pictures than they do right now.  What is happening here?  It’s flying by so fast.  Here’s my gorgeous girl.  She loves baking and jumping rope and she’s finally getting into dolls a little bit.  She’s got a beautiful smile, is just as moody and dramatic as the day she was born.  She has a lovely singing voice, is almost a deputy black belt in tae-kwon-do, and she’s doing well at the piano.

She is a cautious person, and as a result, has already begun to mother me, a more free-wheeling soul.  I took them on a short hike last night behind Lagoon (yes, buffalo and antelope live just three blocks from my house!) and until we got to the trail head a few blocks away, she was constantly questioning where we were going and whether I knew what we were doing, and maybe we should turn back… It all turned out in the end (with one short cut and going over a low fence).  

I definitely will not have those children who don’t realize they had fallible parents until they were adults.  My kids learn that by about the time they can talk.  But still, to be second guessed by someone a fraction of my age can get a little old.  It’s like when Lucy back-seat drives.  🙂

I feel lucky to be Sophie’s mom.  She has taught me a lot.  The other day she asked for a little sister and said, “I think it would be fun, even though I’d have to give up my favorite thing, which is, of course, ATTENTION.”  We had to break the news it wasn’t going to happen, but the good news is, more attention for her, and I know she needs it, especially at this critical time in her life.  Love you, Sophie!

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