Davis Creek Hike Waterfall I

When I went to get the link to this hike, I realize the header on all of the Farmington pages is a picture of the street I live on!  How fun.  The Davis Creek Hikes are just a quick drive up the hill.  My choir friend told me I’d have to pass a “no tresspassing” sign to get to them, yet they are government maintained trails, so I guess that sign was posted by the people who live up the mountain.  This was a short, steep hike of a half mile to the first waterfall. You head up the road just north of the cemetery on 200 East, then curve right as the road curves, follow it up past the unwelcoming sign and park in the pull-off area by the reservoir.  Walk up past the trail marker right where the creek hits the road to the Davis Creek sign a few yards farther in the trees.

With kids 4-11, I didn’t know if the little people would handle it well, but they did great, and I had them rest whenever they wanted to.  The views back down were amazing, the trail was soft and covered in leaves and lined with yellow wildflowers.  At the top there was one place I could straddle the stream and carry the kids across to the other side where there was a flat, grassy area and they could throw rocks in the waterfall to their heart’s content.  I’d like to take Ben up and do the longer hike to the second waterfall and another area called “Pretty Valley.”  Imagine how lovely this will be when there are actually leaves on the trees!

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