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 Wedding: Friday Evening at Val’s

I wanted to find time in our schedule to see Val and her new house in Farmington. It’s been a couple of years since we’ve seen our dear Pasadena friends! So after visiting Mom’s grave, we drove even further north for our visit.

The house looks like a Pasadena craftsman (Google it and you’ll see…) and is in a wonderful location. Of course, we took a tour while the kids got reacquainted. Katie and Sophie jumped on the trampoline (and I said my prayers that no arms would be broken) as we looked at the back yard.

Tom, Ben, and Daniel fed earthworms to the chickens. The soil was just gorgeous and rich!
They also fed the chickens and gathered lots of eggs.

Val pointed out that in a few years, most people won’t know what ZCMI stands for or what it is. Her house still has a charcoal chute and lots of vintage charm.

We enjoyed a warm chili dinner complete with some of the best cornbread I’ve ever had and topped it with local honey. Perfectly yummy! After dinner, we decided to take a walk to the Lagoon trail. Spencer and I were happy to put in our 30 minutes of exercise and the kids enjoyed it, too…

That is, until little Lucy ran Daniel over with her bike. He tumbled to the sidewalk on his left arm (the 3rd fall of the trip) and just cried as he held it. This reaction was markedly different than his other falls. So, we trekked back to Val’s house, put his splint on, and called the insurance’s nurse line to see if we needed to take him for an x-ray. I was certain he’d broken it further. The tests she had us do indicated that we just needed to keep an eye on it and as he calmed down he relayed that he was really angry and frustrated that Lucy just ran him down. Anger I could handle. Broken arm would’ve been a different story. Needless to say, the splint stayed on for the rest of the trip. (And, of course he didn’t fall after that!)

We decided that we still wanted to walk the trail so we headed out again, this time sans bike. It was the perfect family walk and I loved it! Thomas commented on how green and lush it was. It’s definitely a stark contrast to our barren desert!

Along the trail we saw bison, this elk (or whatever it is) and a baby deer nestled right there next to the fence.

On the way home, we walked by the building where the Primary was first organized.

We took our obligatory departing pictures and were happy to see David, Ben, and Noah as they returned from their time at the church Fathers & Sons activity they’d snuck off to. These boys have been friends since they were 18 months old.

Sophie and Katie didn’t want to part especially when they remembered that they were exactly one year and 3 days apart in age.

We could’ve spent much longer catching up, but we knew we had a big day ahead of us and decided to head home.

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