My sweet Ben on his 12-year birthday and ordination day. First day of school pics for Oquirrh Mountain Charter School, including Lucy's first day at Kindergarten! Sophie and Noah are SO excited and loving it. Life is speeding up…

Sunday Update

You know it’s been a long time since you blogged when you don’t even recognize the Blogger interface when you log in.

I have exactly 23 minutes of silence before I need to head off to the first Utah Chamber Artists rehearsal of the season–the family is at my nephew Kadin’s 17th birthday party.  I remember watching Kadin overnight as a tiny baby when I was just a young know-nothing.  I didn’t know what to do with him and didn’t understand why he wouldn’t just sleep!  I was 22.  I can see now why the Lord had us wait another five years to have a baby of our own.

If I blink too fast I know my sweet Ben will be following in Kadin’s footsteps.  He passed the sacrament for the first time today and was ordained to the priesthood last Sunday, on his birthday.  I’ll send pictures from the phone in a minute.  I have felt so proud of Ben and what he is becoming–so full of hard work and drive.  He has started his own lawn mowing business this summer and has just been earning up a storm–often mowing lawns of houses wherein kids his own age are on the couch playing video games.

After last Sunday he woke up and went to his first scout camp for a week.  He came home very weathered and happy–he caught a fish!  I’m so grateful to good leaders and an especially good group of boys in this ward.  He had a great time.  I’m just so proud of him.  He has a strong testimony and a serious approach to the gospel.  He finished the Book of Mormon before he was ordained and had lots of long talks with his dad about what it means to hold the priesthood.  It’s exciting to have two priesthood holders in the home now.

David is working still on his own practice and is starting to emphasize working for lawyers more–he loves research and writing and he’s had a few good opportunities come his way where he can do this kind of work more regularly.

Meanwhile, I am back in the workplace, I’ve been a month working for a fast-growing national property management franchise based out of Layton–it’s a 25 year old company that needs help keeping up with how fast they are growing in this market of increasing rentals.  I was hired by a new president who was brought in to turn everything around and prepare them to go global.  I’m his right hand as the marketing director and am tasked with putting a lot of new programs in place, a lot of web-based franchise support. The good news is I don’t have anything on my plate that I haven’t done before, so even with the intense pace I don’t have to worry about not knowing what I’m doing.  And, at the same time, they’ve never hired well in the past, so my normal is their Quetzalcoatl. That’s always a plus.

From the first day it was an intense, career-minded position.  In the spirit of stability and paying off student loans and the house, I think I’ll be working a long time, so I might as well claw my way up the ladder, right?  They’ve never had a woman in management before, but my bosses like me and things are going well.  I’m very grateful that David is so supportive and that we’ve been able to be such a team keeping the family going.  Before I got this job I was working hard to build my freelance clientele, so for good or bad, that means I often come home from work, eat dinner, and then work until bed on side jobs.

I feel very calm about the kids, because we prayed for the right answer–oh did we pray!– and this was the only real option that presented itself.  I think the kids will do well in school and are happy simply because normality is being restored.

Lucy is going into kindergarten in a couple of weeks.  She’s scheduled to go to the local elementary mornings and a play school in the afternoons, but I’m hoping she’ll end up getting the lottery into the charter school that Sophie and Noah have gotten into.  As much as I love Capitol Hill, having them on the longer, normal school schedule and the whole free thing is what we need, and I really like this school–I can take them in on the way to work.  They are so excited–they actually start school this Wednesday.  Ben, of course, will stay at Capitol Hill and bus down there each day.  We’re going to try out two afternoon classes in addition here at the local Jr. High–trumpet and art.

David and I both got called into teaching–I’m in RS and he’s in priesthood.  We both had to teach the chastity lesson today.  A good laugh was had by all.

That’s us in a nutshell.  I do hope to write just a bit more often on Sundays when I get a moment to breathe.

Love to all,