Still here

I always mean to blog but there’s just no time.  In July I went back to work, I’m the Marketing Director for a national franchise that has about 200 residential property management offices.  It’s a very intense job.  Even better, in October, David got his dream job doing criminal defense at a small, well-respected firm in downtown SLC.  It’s busy and he has an intense schedule also. Kids are also busy, in school, doing after-school 4H club, Sophie’s in a million plays and Ben is busy with trumpet and swimming.  Noah and Lucy are just going with the flow–although our “flow” is more like the Snake River’s rapids in June.

Why am I blogging mid-day at work when I have ten hours of work to fit in the next 72 minutes?  Because our crazy hurricane-force winds yesterday were so exciting that Ben got on the news!  It is only 3 seconds at :39

All is well here, no damage or lost trees for us, but a day or so without power, a fun sleepover at my mom’s for everyone last night, and a lot of yard clean up to do tomorrow (balanced with whatever work I don’t finish today).  Love to family and friends far and near.  Here is my advance apology for not sending out Christmas cards this year, again.