I’m again overdue for an update–it looks like I’m quarterly now, so much for my 2011 resolution of weekly posts, but I will continue to strive.

I read my last post and here is what has changed.  First, I am now the Vice President of Marketing and Franchise Development (Sales) for my company, although between you and me, rarely a day passes that I don’t wish I was still just a lowly Marketing Director.  However, it sure does help to get staff and vendors being more responsive to have those two little letters after one’s name. I took this job 8 months ago as a stop gap, but it has turned into a huge responsibility.  And since it is a large, yet very flat organization, and the two owners want to start pulling back, their next in command, my boss, and my brand new counterpart, the VP of Ops, and myself are responsible for almost everything that happens within the company.  I was working 80+ hours a week, with my top week during our annual conference in Scottsdale where I worked 120 hours, including one 42 hour shift without sleep!  For a while you go on adrenaline, but then it gets old, and you just don’t want people to know you are working like a madwoman–it stops being a badge of honor and starts being the badge of a sucker.  
After that February conference I was given three new staff members, who have been a big, help, but I still find myself very behind after 10-hour days.  Monday I got one hour of sleep preparing for a presentation, and it’s hard not to just wonder what it is all for.  There are 200 offices with 1500 employees who rely on me to do my job, and there is and was just so much work to be done just to get the basics done, and I’m well-suited to the job and like it when I’m not too tired, but there is nothing of lasting importance. But that is what a corporate job is, I guess.  I need to stay there until we’ve caught up from the chaos of the last few years.

As I write this I am actually in San Diego touring hotels to decide which to use for our next convention.  Talk about wined and dined!  I can never complain about my job again.  You know you’ve arrived when you get off an airplane and a limo driver is holding a card with your name on it!

David has gotten his dream job and is now an attorney for the Federal Defender.  He is based out of the Phoenix office and travels down there once a month or so.  He teaches priesthood.  I teach RS and do the ward newsletter once a month.

Ben is doing fine in 7th grade at the local Jr. High–he likes it and enjoys trumpet and plans on summer band and possibly jazz band in the fall.  He’s a good, enterprising kid who works hard and primarily spends his money on longboard improvements.

Sophie is in 5th trying out for cheer this week, as she goes to a charter school that has a middle-school structure for the 6-9 graders.  She has been enjoying dance and tumbling.  She’s sweet but has been very moody and temperamental lately, I’m gearing up for puberty.

Noah is a sweetie who is wrapping up 1st grade and just enjoys the simple things–toy cars, the trampoline, snacks, and the rare dinner that he doesn’t hate.  He is fun to snuggle.

Lucy has all sorts of opinions and is generally fun to have around.  She’s finishing up Kindergarten and has had a good year.  Both her and Noah are about the same level in reading (in part due to neglectful working parents).  She also enjoys dance and tumbling wants to switch to ballet.

I love these kids so much and want so much to give them all they need to be happy and enjoy life.  I rely heavily on the Lord to help me with this, as it appears to be a very complicated job.

So, after ten years we are finally out of the constant drama and chaos and in to “normal.”  I’m working hard on gratitude, joy and peace and relying more on the Savior rather than my own very mortal self.  I see so many tender mercies in my life and am hopeful for a bright future.

I really will try to post more often.  I actually started this post a month ago–that tells you about how things are going!

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