A new phase.

Thanks to Siri and a little bit more spare time, maybe I will do better at my family journal otherwise known as my blog. You'll have to forgive dictation mistakes, I'm talking and multitasking.

Last Friday was my last day of full-time employment. I have given my company until October 31 to keep me on as an employee, and I am technically still at my normal salary and have to cover whatever needs to be covered, but I can work the hours I have and go in only when I have to. This means I can be with my kids anytime they are not in school.

Even better, my company is going to continue to use me in the future. I am starting an independent marketing firm along with a fantastic designer that I met through this job. We together have a lot of contacts, and although I am not completely ready, work is already coming in! So I will still do things for my company as their agency of record, primarily strategic planning and creative production, as well as event planning for their annual conferences. I hope to find some good subcontractors so I can keep my hours down and really keep the commitment that I have made to my family to always be available whenever they are out of school/work.

So today is my first day where all my kids are in school! Ben doesn't start for two weeks, but he went to scout camp early this morning.

It definitely is a new phase of life.

If I really do some soul-searching, I need to be honest with myself that the chaos and the intense work schedule of the past years has been necessary, but also a very handy excuse for not accomplishing my goals, parenting the way I should, and truly investing in my home and family in a way that would help us all. There is part of me that is nervous that now I have no excuses.

If I go all in on the homefront, and everything turns out horribly, there is nothing else to point the finger to–it is all on me. But it always was, whether I accepted it or not. When I was homeschooling and people would say, "I can't take on the responsibility for all of my child's education!" I would think, you already have that responsibility, whether you delegate part of it or not. I still feel that way, although I do delegate much of it myself now. I am still the one who is responsible at the end of the day.

So really my responsibilities have not changed, I just feel the concern that I will fall short. Franchise marketing comes more easily to me than being a mother in Israel, which I guess is a little bit unfortunate, since what I am best at is so much less important. But thankfully, I know that the Lord is with me in this, and with him as a senior companion, I can have trust that it will turn out as it should.

Sophie’s first day of junior high!

So our charter school is kindergarten through ninth, and they start the junior high in sixth grade, so my little girl is growing up too fast! I am so proud of how hard she is working in cheer, and how diligent she has been even though it is so physically taxing. (Let's hope she can be just as diligent in her grades this year!)

She turns only 11 next month, but I feel like I have a full-blown teenager on my hands already! She is a gorgeous little sweetie and I'm lucky to be her mom.

First day of school, second year at Jefferson Academy

We are lucky to have this great charter school to go to! Noah and Lucy got settled into their new classes. Noah is in second grade, Lucy is in first. She is excited about full-day school.

The school used to be called Oquirrh Mountain charter school and emphasizes American Heritage and history, using classical and core knowledge curriculums. We have been very happy with our first year here. They had to change their name, since there is a school out actually near the Oquirrh mountains with the same name, whereas our school only has a view of the Oquirrh mountains. But Jefferson is a nice namesake.

Oma came out of retirement to be the school interim director, which was a fun surprise! Oma is aunt Jessika's mom, and Oma is grandma in Dutch, since Oma is from the Netherlands. My kids love going to her house for Easter egg dying and our Halloween pumpkin carving parties every year! She has been a school principal for a very long time and had a full year of a retirement break before coming to help our school while they search for their new director.

Here's to a great year!

Back to School!

School starts Monday for Lucy, Noah and Sophie so we are here at Clark's old fashioned barbershop to take Noah's lengthy locks. Yesterday I finished full time employment and an insane few weeks at work, so today will be a whirlwind back to school prepping extravaganza!