First day of school, second year at Jefferson Academy

We are lucky to have this great charter school to go to! Noah and Lucy got settled into their new classes. Noah is in second grade, Lucy is in first. She is excited about full-day school.

The school used to be called Oquirrh Mountain charter school and emphasizes American Heritage and history, using classical and core knowledge curriculums. We have been very happy with our first year here. They had to change their name, since there is a school out actually near the Oquirrh mountains with the same name, whereas our school only has a view of the Oquirrh mountains. But Jefferson is a nice namesake.

Oma came out of retirement to be the school interim director, which was a fun surprise! Oma is aunt Jessika's mom, and Oma is grandma in Dutch, since Oma is from the Netherlands. My kids love going to her house for Easter egg dying and our Halloween pumpkin carving parties every year! She has been a school principal for a very long time and had a full year of a retirement break before coming to help our school while they search for their new director.

Here's to a great year!

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