Baptisms in Brigham City

For her birthday, Sophie wanted to go do baptisms. We got a recommend a little early from the Bishop so that we could go today and skip school. This is a temple she went through for the open house so she feels attached to it. No one else was there, so she had the place to herself and about 10 temple workers wishing her happy birthday and helping her through. That won't happen again, usually Ben and I wait in long lines each week! It is a very beautiful town!

Sophie says: It was the best feeling of my life! It was awesome!

Sophie is 12!

I didn’t update her 8 YO movie yet but we watched it this morning with tears and smiles.  I looked for it on the blog but the video was no longer in the post!  I put it below.
Happy birthday, my newly minted young woman!

Cleaning: My Quotidian Liturgy

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t clean very much and would love to build a habit of liturgy–daily worship–through my cleaning, but this blog post is a comfort to anyone feeling ground down by the daily grind and repetition of caring for a home and family. I am reading the author’s book, One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are. It was recommended to me by my visiting teacher when I explained that Heavenly Father had started to gently show me that ingratitude was my greatest sin, the root of all my unhappiness, and conscious, deliberate and specific thankfulness was bringing my greatest healing. This book truly has taught me new ways to see that recent revelation. I can’t recommend it highly enough.