Here is Ben's album cover from 1973. Also known as his symphonic band picture from this year. He can't wait to finish the scouting event so he can start back on this hair project again. Can you believe how beautiful this boy is???

Fall band concert

I was such a proud mama tonight! Ben was awesome in jazz band to start out, then Sophie had her debut with the flute in the beginning band, then been finished up with the symphonic band, the top Junior High band in the state, and one of the top in the country. They looked great and had a fun time making music and being the center of attention. Ben got his symphonic band pictures back and lamented that he had to cut his hair for the big scout celebration where he is playing trumpet next week. I will have to send that one next.

Noah turns nine!

I need to put more down about this, but here are a few pictures from Noah's birthday yesterday. He wanted pizza at the Pie, his first visit there, then we went for cake and hot chocolate at Gourmandise. He had a nice SLC-style birthday. I can't believe my sweet little guy is losing his pudgy cheeks and growing up.

Farewell Spencer

Sophie and I skipped work and school Wednesday to go see off my nephew to the MTC. Have fun in Ontario, Spencer!

Sophie and her cousin Julianna got to go to baptisms afterward at the Provo Temple.