Amy’s House

KIDS AND AMY January 12-16, 2015

Before we go to our rental house by the beach (where we are staying for most of the California trip) we were stopping at some friends house’s and doing some things around the areas I grew up in. We stayed at a friend named Amy’s house for several days. Amy was watching her grandma for most of our stay in her house, but we will see her quite a bit. Amy is my mom’s good friend. When I was a baby, Amy loved to hold me and she is really good with kids.

We got to her house really late at night. It was about an hour after we dropped of Ben and Dad at the Long Beach airport. I didn’t know that Amy wouldn’t stay there the whole time with us so I was nervous that we may go in the wrong house when w e arrived at her home. We went inside and her house is gorgeous. It looks small from the outside but the inside is really open and pretty. My mom and Noah stayed in one of her extra rooms and me and Lucy stayed in bunk beds in a guest room.SAN DIEGO BEACH

In the morning we were all a bit tired and cranky. We didn’t know the internet password till about 10 a.m. so we got a late start on our school. That day we spent a lot of time outside because she has a big back yard and it is very green with some trees that my siblings would climb. While we were at Amy’s, we relaxed a lot and didn’t do much.

The next day, we did school and then went to the beach. We met with Amy at the beach and we were there for four and a half hours. After, we went to the store to pick up some food.

The day after we went to the beach, Amy came back to stay with us. In the morning we went on a walk on a really pretty trail. Then, we picked fruit and tried different kinds like passion fruit (except for Noah, he didn’t want to try the new fruits). That night my mom and my watched Divergent because she had not seen it yetREPACKING AGAIN.

The next day we decided that that the next day we would go to San Diego and go inside the USS Midway and then after have pizza with Amy. And the next day we had a wonderful time in San Diego. I love going to new places and doing things like that. I also learned a lot while we were at the museum (Read San Diego and USS Midway).

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