Beach House, Channel Island Visitor Center and the Wind

January 24, 2015

Saturday (the 24th) was the first day that my dad was here. We slept in then had pancakes and BACON! After that me, Noah, Ben and Lucy went down to the beach. It was super windy and the waves were huge. There were a bunch of surfers there.

Later my parents came to the beach and we decided it was too windy so we decided to go to a marina where the boats go out.

We played on the beach there because they had rock baracades in the water to keep the huge waves from coming in so we waded in the small ones, then we went to the Channel Island National Park Visitor Center. AT THE BEACH In about two weeks we are going to go out there on a boat and take a tour. We went inside of the visitor center and we saw a National Parks worker talking to some people around a huge tank full of fish. She talked about the fish at Channel Islands and a disease that kills starfish. She said that they didn’t have it in their tank (which had starfish) until they let in some water from the ocean, then one of the starfish died in a horrific way. She said the disease might wipe out kinds of starfish and that’s why they aren’t as common on the islands.VISITORS CENTER

The lady also told us that there is an exhibit that told you about the layers of the sea. On our way I saw this thing that said Pygmy Mamoth. It said that the had found the most complete set of Pygmy Mammoth Bones on one of the islands and I though that was interesting. VISITORS CENTER 2 We learned that the islands are part of one big mountain, half under water and the other half above water. Five of the Eight islands are park of the National Park. The islands in the park are: San Miguel (9,325 acres), Santa Rosa (52,794 acres), Anacapa (699 acres), Santa Barbara (639 acres), and Santa Cruz (60,645 acres).CHANNEL ISLANDS MAP

There are many animals on and around the island. There are sea lions and seals and also whales. Aparrently marine life ranges from microscopic plankton to the endangered blue whale, the largest animal on earth. Whale watching is very popular there along with scuba diving, hiking, and in some places, even camping.

If you are planning to go to Channel Islands National Park, I would go to the Visitor Center in Ventura. It is very helpful and interesting and I learned a lot of cool new stuff!

This picture shows all of the eight islands of Channel Islands.  San Nicolas island is a part of them and is the island that the girl is stuck on in the Island of the Blue Dolphins.

This is a picture of some of the islands in Channel Islands National Park at sunset.


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