Disneyland and L.A.

Saturday, January 10-11, 2015

We woke up around 8 on Saturday morning and we started getting ready. We were going to Disneyland about 9. When I was ready, Ben said that he would take me down to breakfast so we wouldn’t have to wait for everyone else. While we were eating breakfast downstairs, it started raining and that was kind of concerning because we were going to Disneyland and we were going to be there all day. About ten minutes to 9, the rest of my family joined us downstairs.

We left for Disneyland a little after nine. It took us about five minutes to walk to the entrance. We like to stick together at Disneyland because it is one of the few parks where everyone in the family can go on everything. It was raining kind of hard by the time we were in the park and everyone was upset to hear that Matterhorn and some other good rides were closed.

We started in Fantasy Land, where we went on rides Peter Pan and my Dads favorite: Mr. Toads Wild Ride—he gets very excited when you drive the car to hell.

Then we went to Frontier Land, going on The Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain (which barely had any line), and the one of the family’s favorite: Pirates of the Caribbean.

Then we went to Adventure Land where we went on Indiana Jones which we have had issues with in the past. Last time my younger siblings came out crying but this time they had a great time. Noah was the one “driving” and he did a great job not even touching the wheel.

Then we went and got fast passes for Thunder Mountain. None of the kids in my family have been on it because it has been closed the last couple of times we have gone and my parents said they remember it not being that fun but when we went my whole family said it was one of the best rides.

Then we went to Space Mountain in Tomorrow Land where we waited one hour and two minutes but it was totally worth it.

After that we had dinner then we split up for the first time all day (except for the times Lucy kept getting lost). Noah, Lucy, and My mom went to go on some kid rides while me, Ben and my dad went on Indiana Jones again. When we got there, the line was huge! We were deciding if we really wanted to go on it when this random guy ran up to us and gave us two fast passes for it then went away.

My dad said that me and Ben should go but from my previous experiences from going with Ben on rides and roller coasters, I said I wouldn’t go without my dad. We went up to a “cast member” and told her what was going on. She took the passes and gave a one pass and said it would count for all three of us and that we can take up to six people on another ride and go in the fast pass line. So we went on Indiana Jones and then met back up with the others and told them what happened. We decided that we would use the pass for Space Mountain.

We went on Buzz Lightyear, Star Tours, and Space Mountain. Then we realized the park was closing in fifteen minutes, so we ran to Thunder Mountain and went on it again. After that we saw we only had five minutes and so we ran to Pirates of the Caribbean and got there one minute before the park closed. After that we went to get ice cream on the way out of the park on Main Street, but while my mom was about to pay, she realized that she had lost her debit card, so my dad paid while she shut down the card over the phone.

We left the park and went back to the hotel. We were all very tired. Then we realized we had been at Disneyland for a whole 15 hours.  Dad’s pedometer said he’d walked 13 miles!  Mom said that was a half-marathon.  Though we were there for a very long time and it was rainy on and off, we had a great time.

The next day we woke up at about ten. We packed the car and left for L.A. We ate lunch at a really good burger place (yes, burgers…AGAIN) called Fat Burger.  After that we walked passed some premier theaters and got really good ice cream sandwiches at a place called Diddy Riese. After that we drove by some of my parents apartments they used to live in before they had kids. We also drove by this cemetery with hundreds of graves for men in the war.

Then we drove up the mountain to an art museum called the Getty. You can only drive halfway up and you have to take a train the rest if the way because there are no roads up there. We were up there for a while but my favorite part, the gardens, were closed. My brother Noah started feeling sick so we decided to go to Santa Monica beach to watch the sun go down. I collected many beautiful and unique shells. After we ate at a restaurant on the beach called Gladstones. While they were eating, the Golden Globes awards were playing on TV so we got to watch some of that.

After that, we dropped off Ben and my dad at the Long Beach airport and drove to our friends house about and hour out of San Diego. Our friend is named Amy, she lives by herself in this gorgeous house on a hill where a bunch of rich people live. We drove there in the dark so we couldn’t see anything, but the house was gorgeous. Amy was babysitting her grandma so she wasn’t there for the first few nights.

The weekend was very fun and I had a great time.



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