Las Vegas and The Drive

January 7-10, 2015

We left Wednesday afternoon, later than we thought we would, because we are the Christensens. My dad picked me up from school at noon and we went out to lunch. My dad and my brother Ben aren’t coming until later. We are going to California for two months and stopping at Las Vegas for two days where we have cousins.

My mom picked me up at around 3 in the afternoon with the kids and a fully packed car. The pollution was really bad that day so my mom kept taking pictures of it.

My mom gets a little paranoid about our car, so when it was feeling a bit wobbly in Lehi, we stopped at a Big O Tires. We apparently had some car trouble. We killed some time at Lehi Roller Mills and we saw how they make the flour and bought some cookie and brownie mixes to give to our friends.

That got us held back for about two hours, then we were on our way, again. We listened to calm-ish music on the way to Vegas and then got there about 9:45 p.m. Las Vegas time.

My cousins had just gotten a puppy, named Max, which was kind of distracting when my mom kept telling us to go to bed. We started online home school the next day, which was kind of hard because no one really knew what we were doing, but we got the hang of it. After school, I hung out with my cousin which resulted in a violent pillow fight game where we nearly broke her ceiling fan and everything in her room.

That evening, I went across town with my family to visit my mom’s really good friend Doris. Doris used to work with my mom when I was little, then she lived with us when we lived in Bountiful. And just a heads up, when going across town in Vegas around dinner time, don’t take the roads, use the freeway. Traffic is worse on the main roads. We went to my favorite restaurant, Sweet Tomatoes, which is weird because I don’t like tomatoes.

The next day, we did school, which was easier because we actually knew what to expect. My mom got us all Chrome Books to do school on. I cleaned out our extremely messy car and reorganized it. My mom was really happy because I did that without her asking. About noon, we got lunch at In and Out Burger then started the drive to Long Beach Airport, Long Beach, California, and of course the drive started with traffic, but it didn’t last long. I spent the drive listening to music, sleeping, and texting my cousin Grace. The drive isn’t that long. Its only about four and a half hours.

We got to Long Beach just in time to pick up my brother Ben and my Dad from the airport. We ate at Habit Burger, yes that was the second time we ate burgers that day, then we drove to our hotel in Anaheim, California and if you know what is in Anaheim, you may have guessed what we did the next day. 🙂 Our hotel, Springhill by Marriott was probably the fanciest hotel I have ever stayed in, and I took a whole thirty minutes to admire it.

My mom had to take away my book, Insurgent, before I went to bed because I couldn’t stop reading, and I was still adjusting to California time which is one hour earlier than Utah.

I was very excited about what we were going to do the next day….

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