Lucy’s Thoughts

Mom is a little behind on posting my recordings.

The other day when we went to the beach I got to see this little dog playing fetch, and the ball got in the water and I went and got it for the dog and it started playing fetch with me.


He was really good at it.  I wish that Baby would fetch.


I think that going on trips is fun because you can go see new things, find out about more stuff.  I like how we went and did tennis and my mom kept joking around about it and there was 5 of us there and just everybody was running around.  It was really fun.

I think the best time I had when I went to the beach was when I found out there was a big ditch over kind of by us and me and my brother started making slides and a sandcastle and my brother made a telescope and he had his water shoes be like two miniature flags.

Schooling at home is more fun, I think, and it doesn’t take you as long.  I think it is fun because it is like you can listen to what they are saying on and they try to make it interesting.

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