Stuff 3 (Hotel/Casinos and Regular Spike)

I am currently posting from McDonald’s in Mesquite, Nevada, that failed attempt at a mini-Vegas between Vegas and St. George on the I-15.  Seriously, as you ride through the endless desert between there and Vegas, you see all these ads for hotel/casinos in Mesquite.  And then you get there, just to get gas and lunch or something and you see all these desolate buildings and broken signs for these huge attempted resorts.  I think their main source of revenue is really just weary travelers who need a place to crash for the night and take advantage of the dirt-cheap hotels.  I know we always did it when I was a little kid.

So yesterday, out of seemingly nowhere we decided to leave the beach near Oxnard and go back to Farmington because of non-significant reasons, but the whole thing was still an overall good experience and it ended well.

We ended up getting to my Mom’s friend’s house in Las Vegas last night at around 9:30.  We just crashed there.  So last night I ended up stealing this little kid’s room, even though I was like, “No, seriously, the floor is fine…” and there was this really clingy cat named George that kept me up for half the night.  It was just like living at my house in Farmington.  My cat, Regular Spike, has a nasty habit of yowling at my door several times early in the morning.  I let him in, and then he just wants to go back out again.  Rinse and repeat.  But the thing is, he doesn’t want to do it when I want to get up.  He wants to do it when he wants to do it, which is generally about 4:45 a.m. pretty much every day, like clockwork.  He eventually gets bored with it though, thank God.  So yeah, good times.

And then we got back on the freeway, but my Mom had pre-scheduled a screen-share with a co-worker before we had known we were gonna screw it and book it, because we really did just do that out of nowhere.  And now I’m at McDonald’s in Mesquite.

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