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Getting Baby

One day me and Sophie went Station park. And we saw it was adoption day at Petco. So we went in and we saw Baby (the dog) so Sophie called mom. Then mom came down and we showed mom. Then we went home. And mom got baby!!!!!!!!! And I did this 

Noah’s Poem

spike is a cute cat bella is too put them together and its too cute to be true! spike’s to do list 1. nap 2. eat food 3. nap 4. eat diner 5. go to bed bella’s to do list 1.sleep on noah’s bed

The Weekend

This weekend I went on a sleep over with mommysmom. We watched Thor 1 and 2 half of The Winter Soldier and did a 300 piece puzzle and I played with magnets too.

Noah goes to Disneyland

‘ Last Saturday I went to Disneyland with my family. It was crowded and rainy, but I had fun and we were able to walk on a lot of rides.  It smelled like popcorn and there was music everywhere. For lunch we ate at the French Market, and I tried the corn chowder in a bread […]