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Noah: A Day in the Life

      [From Mom: we are trying different ways of having Noah and Lucy contribute, and dictation seems to be best.  They have been making recordings, but then I’m slow to put them up, so today I had Lucy just dictate hers to me.  I asked Noah to email his and to try to […]

Lucy’s Thoughts

Mom is a little behind on posting my recordings. The other day when we went to the beach I got to see this little dog playing fetch, and the ball got in the water and I went and got it for the dog and it started playing fetch with me.   He was really good at […]

The Paradox of the Working Vacation

I’m sure I’m not the first to say that a working vacation often ends up to be not quite either working or vacationing. So that has become very clear. I work more than I vacation, but I do vacation more than I did when I was at home. The question is,is a working vacation better […]

Sierra Madre and Michele’s family

January 17-19, 2015 We stayed one more night in Amy’s house and then in the morning of the 17th (Saturday) we packed up and left for Sierra Madre. I lived in Sierra Madre when I was a little kid and we still have some friends there. One of the families that we are really good […]

Forced Simplicity

I remember reading about one man who lived through Hurricane Sandy out east who said that it was actually really nice to simplify his life down to just making sure his family had shelter and food. I think I understand that a little better now with this experiment. When it comes to the kids, I do […]

Day One: The Experiment Begins

It is day one of our great experiment of family vagabonding–seeing the world while taking care of business (school and work) online. Well, if you want to be exact about it, it’s day 15. But for me it was day one, because this first big trip was about being by the ocean, and today was the first […]


Here is Ben's album cover from 1973. Also known as his symphonic band picture from this year. He can't wait to finish the scouting event so he can start back on this hair project again. Can you believe how beautiful this boy is???