Arizona Retreat II

I haven’t been to Arizona since I was a kid. But I’ve got to be
honest, I’ve been totally down on desert living and thought I would
never think of living in such a place. But this short weekend away
has actually changed my mind. This place is lovely. And the dry heat
feels amazing after a long, cold winter.

We are here for the miraculous and beautiful reunion and remarriage
of David’s older brother Mike and his once and again wife Michelle.
The whole day was an amazing experience of love and forgiveness and
restoration. I’ve never been to a marriage where you knew that the
couple knew what they were committing to. This marriage was the most
moving I’d seen because they both were going in with full
understanding of each others faults and how hard marriage can be, and
 choosing to do it again. God bless you both, M&M.

Dave and I are about to eat local agritopia food at Joe’s Farm
Grill. The sweet potato fries with pineapple serrano sauce and my
fontina burger, plus my way-hot male companion here, tell me it’s
time to quit blogging on the iPhone.

The wedding theme was spot on…”Life is sweet.”