Lucy’s Posts

Kath’s House

I went to my mom’s friend’s house on our trip.  She has two kids named Ella and  Thomas. And we stayed for three days and we went to Souplantation.  I got a ton of mac & cheese it was really yummy. Kath is really nice and funny.

Me and my sister and Ella made a music video and I was a guy who died in it wearing an afro.

This is me as a character in a music video made with Ella

This is me as a character in a music video made with Ella


And they mysteriously had A CAT that looked like both of my CATS combined–dun, dun, DUH!


Lucy’s Thoughts

Mom is a little behind on posting my recordings.

The other day when we went to the beach I got to see this little dog playing fetch, and the ball got in the water and I went and got it for the dog and it started playing fetch with me.


He was really good at it.  I wish that Baby would fetch.


I think that going on trips is fun because you can go see new things, find out about more stuff.  I like how we went and did tennis and my mom kept joking around about it and there was 5 of us there and just everybody was running around.  It was really fun.

I think the best time I had when I went to the beach was when I found out there was a big ditch over kind of by us and me and my brother started making slides and a sandcastle and my brother made a telescope and he had his water shoes be like two miniature flags.

Schooling at home is more fun, I think, and it doesn’t take you as long.  I think it is fun because it is like you can listen to what they are saying on and they try to make it interesting.

Lucy’s Ears

Lucy's ear surgery this morning went just fine, Her third set of tubes, thankfully the only preemie problem we have. She is barfing and groggy but will rest today and be back to ballet tomorrow. Her hearing loss should be corrected hopefully, just in time for school Monday.