Noah’s Posts

Getting Baby

One day me and Sophie went Station park. And we saw it was adoption day at Petco. So we went in and we saw Baby (the dog) so Sophie called mom. Then mom came down and we showed mom. Then we went home. And mom got baby!!!!!!!!!

And I did this 

Noah’s Poem

spike is a cute cat

bella is too put them together
and its too cute to be true!
spike’s to do list
1. nap
2. eat food
3. nap
4. eat diner
5. go to bed
bella’s to do list
1.sleep on noah’s bed

The Weekend

This weekend I went on a sleep over with mommysmom. We watched Thor 1 and 2 half of The Winter Soldier and did a 300 piece puzzle and I played with magnets too.

Noah: A Day in the Life

Ready, Set

Ready, Set




[From Mom: we are trying different ways of having Noah and Lucy contribute, and dictation seems to be best.  They have been making recordings, but then I’m slow to put them up, so today I had Lucy just dictate hers to me.  I asked Noah to email his and to try to write a full paragraph, and here it is.  I think we’ll go back to dictation!  😉 ]

Yesterday I broke my record on school [M: he was done with everything, even chores, by 11:15!] Then I played video games with Lucy. We went to the beach to play and watch the sun set. Then we ate at In-n-Out.

[M: my kids are really outing our burger problem, but I promise we’ve been eating in other days! Maybe doing the daily dictation exercise together will help me be more present with my kids.]

Noah goes to Disneyland

Last Saturday I went to Disneyland with my family. It was crowded and rainy, but I had fun and we were able to walk on a lot of rides.  It smelled like popcorn and there was music everywhere. 

For lunch we ate at the French Market, and I tried the corn chowder in a bread bowl but traded it for mac-n-cheese. There were live jazz musicians playing while we ate.  

I liked Autopia in tomorrowland, I drove the car and Ben pressed on the pedal–I could have, but it was a little hard with the slippery pedal. I liked Pirates of the Carribean the best–I liked that he said, “Dead men tell no tales” a lot of times.  I loved all the mountains–Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Thunder Mountain.  Our longest wait was for Space Mountain, but we got a fast pass later and went again. We walked on to Splash a few times and onto Thunder twice. I got to become Ironman in Innoventions and meet Captain America.  The Haunted Mansion was the Nightmare Before Christmas style still, which was weird.  I like the regular one.  But I liked the hall with floating Zero in it. I saw my goat Dangit holding some dynamite in his mouth on a rock on the top of Thunder Mountain.  

I really don’t like the Indiana Jones ride, its just so rumbly and dark and loud, and you feel like it’s over but it’s not, but I do like the Indiana Jones movie.  Our Jungle Cruise tour guide was funny and told good jokes.  I like Mr. Toad’s wild ride because the whole story is that he’s a bad driver and blows himself up and goes to hell.  I like the first part because you go in through a place and then turn around and come back out and it looks like you are going where you started, then you look like you’re going to hit people but end up going through a wall.  For dinner we ate at the Golden Horseshoe in Frontierland, but I didn’t like it.  We stayed until it closed at 11 and walked to our hotel.

We forgot to go on Winnie the Pooh, so next time I’d start with that.   If others are visiting, I’d warn them that Indiana Jones is kind of creepy.  

Overall I give Disneyland 5 stars.

Noah, age 10

Cute Noah

I promise I’ll post pictures soon, especially since now I can theoretically email them instead of uploading them in that time-consuming typical manner.  Tomorrow night maybe (tonight’s choir).


Noah turned four last Friday.  What a sweet little guy.  He was so excited.  I got off early so we could all hang out, and we went to the park, where Ben cajoled his way into an ice-blocking party on the hill and tried that a few times—who says he doesn’t have social skills?  We ate at Spaghetti Factory and then had cake at Grandma’s (since Uncle Chad is morbidly allergic to cats).  For the cake, I finally tried this jack-o-lantern cake I’ve had in my file for nine years—you use 2 pound cake mixes and bake them one at a time in a 6-cup bundt pan.  Flatten the bottoms of the cakes, then color your frosting orange (you need a lot) and use frosting to put the bottoms together to make a pumpkin shape.  They say to put a cupcake in the center to fill it, but I just filled it with leftover gumdrops. 


After you frost the whole thing orange, you put a little HoHo-style chocolate cake roll as the stem, smash large green and yellow gumdrops for leaves around the stem, smash and cut black (outside) and yellow (inside) large gumdrops for the eyes, use yellow frosting (smoothed with a wet finger) for the mouth, smash and cut green gumdrops for the teeth, then outline the eyes, nose and mouth with black icing.  You can use licorice string to make stem coils, but I just used the black icing.  It is a perfect pumpkin size/shape and very cute!  Again, pictures are coming. 


On Saturday I taught an RS education class on “Going Green” because apparently my ward doesn’t already think I’m enough of a godless hippie already.  I focused on reducing consumption ( and going local (Animal, Vegetable, Miracle) as a method of showing love for our fellowman (not exploiting or destroying them or their land) and alleviating poverty (not taking more than our share and giving away what we don’t need). 


On that note, we put up our THIRD Obama sign on Saturday—this time, the only way it will get stolen is 1) they will actually have to go around the hedges, through the fence enter our yard, climb up and pull it off the tree it is nailed to or 2) climb over a very tall, painful sticker hedge.  I will just be unchristian here and say I hope they choose the latter.  Is it not enough that my vote doesn’t matter here and I have to listen to my cousin tell me about how all the people in the ward are telling her to talk sense into me or have people tell me I’m “so brave”?  Brother!  No, apparently I’m not even allowed a sign, because stealing political signs is the pinnacle of political discourse in West Bountiful


Arg.  I swore I wouldn’t be a California snob when I came here.  I have nice neighbors and love the country life (hey, I live in real America!), so I’ll just quit whining now. 


On Sunday, David taught a good lesson on the gathering of Israel, we carved pumpkins at Oma’s and Sedo’s (Jessika’s, [wife of Danny, brother of David], parents—she is Dutch and he is Jordanian, these are the respective words for grandma/pa).  A good time was had by all.


Last night we went swimming for family night (and more of Noah’s birthday celebrations).  Lucy can get out of the pool on her own if you put her by the side, and then she happily jumps into your arms—over and over and over.  Although we were right next to Noah and playing basketball with him at the hoop, David and I were both looking at Lucy and apparently Noah jumped in (about 4’ deep).  We looked over and there were two teenage lifeguards pulling him out—right next to us.  We felt so lame—but I was also impressed, since it was literally just a moment since I was looking at Noah, and those lifeguards were way on the other side of the pool—those kids move fast!


So Noah is alive to enjoy his fifth year, no thanks to his parents.

Noah’s B-Day & Trunk-or-Treat

Noah missed the Trunk or Treat last night due to a 104 temp (Lucy’s was 103). He was happy to get the candy Sophie picked up for him and has been sneaking it all day (all of them are master sneakers of candy today), so apparently the candy made up for the missing out on the party.

Ben and Sophie had a ball at the trunk or treat–My Sophie pics will have to come next time, as someone else snapped those. She was Cinderella. She decided last-minute by choosing out of her plethora of costumes in her dress-up box, but looked way cute as usual. Ben was a great looking pirate. You can’t see it well, but he has a way-tough winged sword tattoo on his chest.

This was a night photo, so it looks all crazy–but spooky! We did our trunk for the trunk or treat into a big ghost–the car version of the lazy-parents’ Halloween costume–throw a sheet on it!Lucy is going through the very snotty process of getting her two top front teeth, bringing the teeth total to four. She walks independently a few steps each day but it is not yet her primary mode of getting places, although she is very, very proud of herself when she stands on her own and shuffles a few steps. She has been sick for a week with what appears to be two different illnesses, including coughing and fever (although the fires may have contributed to the coughing. She had to stay home from church today (Thanks to Sis. Wright for bringing home all my kids!)

Noah is officially three! Here is a rare glimpse of all of my children happy and uncomplaining. Noah was particularly excited about his new Hot Wheels, particularly a very exciting semi.

Oh, you wanted a closer look at that amazing cake? Ok! Yes, it is shaped like an 8 and he was 3, but it’s fine because it’s a racetrack, which 3 year olds love. It was just two rounds with Oreo pavement, tic tac lines, and coconut “grass” that I used on on the pan around it as well.
I didn’t realize the kids would actually want to play on the cake, so in the end it was kind of trashed, but its purpose was served.

We celebrated Noah’s birthday at the Noah’s Ark Exhibit at the Skirball museum. It was amazing–the best children’s museum I’ve been to. I can’t recommend it highly enough–we’ll be going back there soon. Just tonight Noah was telling me the story about the Ark–it really made an impression!

Oh, I also met with Ben’s principal, who, after seeming entirely at a loss about what to do, recommended a part-time school, part-time homeschool situation (weird that my husband and the principal came around to the idea of homeschooling again before I did). We’ll give it a shot. I have a great book about discovering a child’s learning style that has been a huge insight into Ben–being free to do the hands-on field trips again will be so helpful. I love them too.

I sometimes worry too much about how I’ll be perceived going back to HSing yet again, but I’m committed to doing the right thing for Ben and following the Lord’s guidance, so I really can’t stress about everyone’s opinions. Anyone who objects is free to come live my life and I’ll come mess up yours–we all think we’d do a better job running others’ lives than we do our own, don’t we? I’m guilty of that sometimes but am determined to cut it out–people do the best they can and are entitled to inspiration for their own kids. We need to just be there for each other regardless of our differences and quit with the judgments. But, until that time, I’ll just ignore the raised eyebrows and try to keep my own under check.

David’s off in Florida for work until Wed or Friday. Wish me luck…