Proposed Northern West Coast Trip

This is mainly for the use of people in my family, but I suppose there’s nothing wrong with posting it to the general public.  I mean, I guess some wise guy could see this and then jump on and buy all the plane tickets or something but I really don’t see that happening.

Screenshot 2015-02-05 at 7.33.33 PM


The triangle-oid on the map shows approximately what we would be doing, except we would fly, on Alaska Airlines, to San Francisco (Seriously, those guys are giving all the other airlines a run for their money.  You can fly to SFO for 59 dollars from Utah on Alaska, and freakin’ Delta wants to charge you like 200…), and then ride the Amtrak Coast Starlight train line (yes, Amtrak still exists) north to Portland, Oregon, chill there for a few days, and then continue on northward to Seattle, Washington on the Amtrak Cascades line.  We would remain in Seattle for approximately a week and then return by air to Utah.

The point of this was to outline transportation and lodging costs in my proposed trip itinerary, so it might get boring.

We would depart on Alaska Airlines flight 743 (an approximate $290 total in airfare….I don’t have much experience in air travel but I think for five people on an airplane that’s like way cheap) early in the morning on Monday, March 23, (about three weeks after we return from California), and arrive in San Francisco (of course he planned San Francisco as the first stop… XD) at a still very decent time in the morning, with that extra hour on our side.  We would rent a car from the airport (on the house rental I found for Monday night they said that discount car rental was available) and then head across the bridge to the northern peninsula, to the Muir Woods and Beach, just like last time.  Maybe even go to the same phantom Starbucks and 7-11 as last time.  And then stay in our vacation rental in the northeast section of San Francisco.  It’s listed on VRBO at about $159.  Also we would need to acquire Muni (which is San Francisco’s equivalent of Utah’s UTA) passes (17 dollars each for a one day pass) the night before to avoid the outrageous downtown parking costs.

Still following the general plot of our last excursion to San Fran (which can be viewed on my homepage), the next day we would leave our car at our rental house and ride Muni into downtown and go from there.  We would just need to get the rental car back to SFO in the evening and catch the BART train (BART airport line is $8.50) per person from the airport to The Embarcadero, where we would catch a bus at the Ferry Building to take us to the train station to catch 14 Coast Starlight, on which we would ride through the night and until it arrived in Portland the next afternoon.  For all five of us, the total cost for Coast Starlight to Portland overnight and the shuttle bus to the train is about $388.

I found a vacation rental in Portland, listed on VRBO for $150 per night, where we would remain for three nights as we did whatever people do when they go to Portland.  I think Mount Hood and Mount Rainier are near the area, and I like mountains but I don’t know if everyone else in my travelling party could relate.

After our Portland experience, we would board 516 Amtrak Cascades to Seattle, and my plan is that we would stay there from Saturday the 28th through Friday, April 1st (and I think my dad would come and meet us either on Friday night in Portland and ride the train with us to Washington State and stay in Seattle with us for a short period, or maybe meet us in Seattle Saturday night), and then fly back to Salt Lake Friday night.  I found a very nice rental house in Seattle, listed at $119 for March.  We would do whatever one does in Seattle. (Seriously I don’t know hardly anything about these places, they just sound appealing.  I know Oregon has forests and mountains, as well as Washington State.  I also know that Seattle is near the ocean and has this fancy space needle building.  And that’s pretty much it.)  And then we would go back to Utah on Alaska flight 706.  The über cheap fares no longer apply, so to get all five of us on that flight would cost about $621, but that’s still cheaper than anything I found on Google Flights, as well as Southwest and jetBlue, which I always thought were also supposed to be affordable but, like I said, I don’t know much about airlines.

So there you go.