Questions We’re Asked Most

What is the Experiment Exactly?

We are experimenting with a lifestyle that has us on the road more often than not–seeing and experiencing new things as a family.

Why the Experiment?

The question behind the experiment was: If we were restless and discontent in the normal suburban routine, would we be fulfilled and content in a life with constant variety?  Subquestions include–what elements can and should stay constant, and which could go? What items were we holding on to as essential that may be adding unnecessary stress on us and our kids?

What About Jobs?

Valerie owns a virtual marketing firm and can work anywhere that has good internet (incidentally, this first beach house has pretty awful internet, so that’s an experiment in itself).  David has a job that absolutely requires him to be in Utah at a desk every day, although he gets to travel to the Bay Area and Phoenix regularly.   This means at this point he comes to visit on weekends.

What About Money?

We save a bit on what we gave up–activities, lessons, nanny, etc.–but essentially the experiment requires that we fund two households at this point–we lose all the benefits of being married with two incomes.  Essentially his income covers the homefront and her income covers the travel front.  There is not a big cushion or secret trust fund somewhere.  However, since work is virtual, it essentially feels like single parenthood with a boyfriend who visits on weekends.  Not ideal, but we are, of course, experimenting.

What About the Kids School?

Noah, Lucy and Sophie do, a wonderful, thorough, affordable program we have loved since 2007.  They do 4 units a day each in Social Studies, Science, and four a day in Language Arts and Math. They also do handwriting, spelling, Brainpop, typing, music practice, and a journal (blog post) each day.  Ben does Forest Trail Academy online accredited high school as well as trumpet practice and Ted talks.

What About Ben’s Music?

Music has been a big deal in Ben’s education and as a member of the Symphonic Band and Jazz Band at Viewmont, it was difficult to make a change there, but like everything else, you put it all on the scale and make the call.  He still is a member of the Utah Youth Symphony Orchestra and will participate in their spring concert.

What About Valerie’s Choir?

As with Ben, Valerie’s involvement with the Utah Chamber Artists over the past 5 years has been an important and meaningful part of her life.  The choir’s five-week rehearsal schedule before each of their four concerts will allow her to hopefully continue to participate in at least some concerts this year.

Have other questions?  Send them our way and we’ll add them.