Service vs. Energy

A speaker in sacrament meeting today had a short and unorthodox list on what would make us more able to serve Christ. 1) study and pray daily 2) follow the word of wisdom 3) exercise daily. Her point? We need energy to serve. If we don’t feel like we have the energy, we are obligated to do all in our power to rectify that.

How often do I say I don’t have the energy to do the “best” thing on the “good-better-best” spectrum, yet I don’t follow the basic commandments that would give me that energy? How silly to refuse to put gas into my tank and complain that I can’t go anywhere.

I decided it was time for a serious, verse-by-verse look at the word of wisdom, because it’s promises are key blessings I need more than ever:

  1. Temporal salvation of all the saints in the last days (v2). Temporal can mean a) my physical health will be spared (internal), b) that I will be saved from outside harm (external), and/or c) financial self-sufficiency, that I will have what I need to sustain my temporal well-being.
  2. Health in their navel and marrow to their bones (v18). Many of the cross references here to “health” are promises that those who put the Lord first will have strength and energy.
  3. Shall find wisdom and great treasures of knowledge, even hidden treasures (v19). Care of and respect for our physical bodies (temples) is apparently linked to our ability to receive spiritual revelation.
  4. Shall run and not be weary, and shall walk and not faint (v20). More of that sought-after energy.
  5. A promise, that the destroying angel shall pass by them, as the children of Israel, and not slay them. (v21). The destroying angel of Israel was a specific, instant plague. This can mean protection from a future, similar destroying angel or sickness, or many of them, as we know that plagues of disease and pestilence are signs of the last days. It can also simply mean that we will be spared from sickness and premature death.

Both because I want to serve all I can, I must make the needed changes to increase the my physical and mental ability to serve. Especially in these confusing last days, I sincerely desire to have understanding (wisdom and treasures of knowledge) about what is happening around me in the world, in the Kingdom, and on my eternal path. Finally, I also truly want the physical protection for my family that these blessings promise.

I have long suspected it, but I’m starting to think the devil really does have an interest in tempting me to make poor food choices.

Better choices = more energy and clarity = more able to serve.

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