I’m at Starbucks

I might just do the exact same thing I did yesterday.  And the day before.  Probably not Monday though.  I think I did something different Monday.  I don’t even know, I can’t remember what I did this week, or what day it is most of the time.  I think I went to the beach for a bunch of hours yesterday and the day before, but not Monday.  I suppose it’s not going to matter.  Unless I get interrogated.  I’d be like, “I swear I’m clean!” and they’d be like, “Oh really?  Then what were you doing on Monday?  “Ohhhhhhh crap….”

It’s pretty windy outside.  Maybe I can order another box kite and land it in the ocean and end up swimming after it in my jeans like yesterday.  Or land it on some dude’s roof-deck and spend twenty minutes trying to hoist it out.  See, I can’t even do something normal without failing in some sort of outrageous manner.  I need to come up with a job where that doesn’t matter.  Maybe professional caveman or hermit would suffice.

I am trying to write more, I have a really good sequence of ideas, it’s just hard.  I tried writing the same thing before, and I just went straight into writing it in novel format and I got about 75 pages in and then realized it was mostly garbage.  And I lost that flash drive anyway.  But I figured I could tweak the story a little, make it less dark and more original and change some plot elements just a little, as well as doing more brainstorming beforehand.  I made this decision officially a while after I got to California, and so far I have about 3.4 pages of comprehensive plot summary.  I would share more about what the story was about, but it would actually be quite difficult due to its complicated nature.  Explaining the story would take forever.  I am working on that plot summary, but it probably would not make sense to other people because I designed it as a reference for myself and it’s full of these weird anecdotes that represent plot elements.  But if it ends up being good and is worth continuing to work on, I’m sure anyone who reads this will hear more.

That’s all I really got for now.


So I came up with that idea, for going on a trip to the northern West Coast, but it was really just an idea so the time-tables came up with don’t really mean anything.  I tried a bunch of ideas I had to make it cheap, but it was pretty much really expensive no matter what.  The cheapest idea I had was just to go back to San Francisco for like a week, which I personally would love to do, but I don’t think everyone else would want to do that.

What have I been doing?


I don’t know, I go to the beach sometimes, but I still prefer to hide in dark rooms and watch sketch comedy and listen to heavy metal.  I have become very addicted to this one song, originally just because it had amazing music (because it’s like straight up death metal vocals and you can’t understand hardly any of the lyrics until you look them up).  But then I looked the lyrics up online, just out of curiosity, because although generally hard metal vocals and lyrics are awesome, they aren’t very relatable, like “Blackwater Park” and “The Winter Eclipse” (although both of those songs are awesome).  This particular song’s lyrics were also very cryptic, but for some reason they perfectly described a situation that I was in at one point.  Even the title.  But unless someone directly requests it I won’t share the song because most people would just be like, “Um… what?  This makes absolutely no sense.  And…. why…would anybody ever want to listen to this?”.

BECAUSE, it’s awesome.  And I don’t care if you don’t like it, as long as you understand that it is musical art.  My junior high art teacher had this poster about modern art and it said “You don’t have to like it, just try to understand it” and I think that applies to all forms of art.  (Although I will say there is certainly a lot of things that are just slapped together and require no skill, especially in the area of heavy metal.  But it creates a bad reputation for good heavy metal.)

I have made a little progress on a plot line for a story that I already tried to write last year, but my newer version is actually not that bad and the one from last year was super lame.

I have basically no contact with people, but I did get a text message yesterday that said, “So, do you have a special beach babe yet?”  There are……. so many things I could say to that.  Too many.  Like, I know there are no stupid questions, but… that’s a @#$%ing stupid question.

We went to the iFLY in Universal City last week.  That was pretty fun.  If you don’t know what that is, they describe it as indoor skydiving.  You put on a skydiving suit and goggles and a helmet and you go into this jet engine wind tunnel and the air current is powerful enough that it lifts you into the air if you are in the right position.  It was fun but it’s also really expensive.

Yeah so that’s pretty much it.

Edit: “Blackwater Park” is not an unrelatable piece.  It has been argued as an allegory for the world tearing itself apart, which I can’t say I entirely disagree with.  “The Winter Eclipse”, a very progressive black metal piece, probably has some sort of meaning, but nobody on has elaborated so that would be kind of a project of its own.