Spring Break Part 1: Washington D.C.

Day 1: On March 29, Mom, Ben, and I boarded our plane at Salt Lake International Airport early in the morning. We were headed to the east coast for spring break. We flew to Denver, where we had a two hour layover, then to Washington Dulles Airport. The flights were smooth, though I had some sickness due to air pressure at the end of the second flight, but it felt good to be travelling again. I had never been to this side of the country so I was looking forward to the trip.

After getting a rental car and loading up our bags we set off. We drove downtown and got burgers at Shake Shack before heading to the national mall. We took our time driving around so we could really see the city, which was gorgeous this time of year. We were so lucky to come when we did since the cherry blossoms had bloomed. We planned to go together to see some of the landmarks but the traffic was insane and there was no where to park so mom let Ben and I out at the Jefferson Memorial so we could look around. From there we also had a really nice view of the Washington Monument.

By the time Mom came to pick us up the sun was going down. We drove to the Lincoln Memorial and though it was too dark to get any good pictures but we still had a lovely time admiring the stunning landmark.

It had been a long day and the time difference was kind of throwing us off so we decided to drive to where we were lodging. We were staying with some of our old friends from southern California who lived outside the city in Virginia. We had a wonderful evening at dinner with them while we caught up before heading to bed.

Day 2: The following day we decided to do hit a couple of the museums on the mall, specifically the Smithsonian’s. Ben is really interested in aviation so we went to the National Air and Space Museum first.

Though I’m not as interested in this kind of stuff as Ben is, it was still pretty fascinating. I also really admired the way they set up their exhibits. I took an amazing shot from the second floor balcony where all the planes were hanging down, giving the effect that they were in flight.

I also really enjoyed the exhibits dealing with the part aviation had to both of the world wars, since history is more in my interest.

After spending a couple hours there and eating lunch we went over to the National Museum of Natural History. This museum was really captivating since it contained such a broad collection of exhibits on many varying subjects. The most memorable for me was an exhibit dealing with the evolution of homo sapiens and the other human species that lived on the earth.

We also spent time visiting the National Museum of American History and the National Archives Museum. These were both really interesting but we did have to wait in a massive forty-five minute line to see most of the historic american documents at the National Archives Museum. Though it was a really cool experience and those documents have a very symbolic meaning, we were only allowed to look at them for about fifteen minutes. Just a warning if you planning to visit that museum , it’s one of the biggest attractions and is often very crowded.

*There are one main things that I think people should understand: if you visit the national mall you will be doing a lot of walking. And I mean a lot. By the last day in D.C. we all had trouble standing and our feet were aching, which wasn’t good because we had three more big cities to visit. Beside that it was all very interesting and totally worth it.

Day 3: On our third and last day we spent in D.C. we started our day by going to the Nation’s Capitol where we took a tour. Though parts of the building were under construction, it was still a beautiful building and a really interesting experience. After that we went to the Library of Congress. This was one of my favorite places to visit just due it’s amazing architecture and art inside of it. We ate lunch at We The Pizza, which was a lot better than we expected(but then again I love pizza no matter what so I guess my opinion doesn’t matter).

We spent the rest of the day biking around the mall. We saw the Washington Monument up close and visited most of the war memorials along the way. This was one of the more difficult parts of the trip(until the 9/11 museum in NYC but I will talk about that in another post). Though the memorials are beautiful I always feel like these heroes deserved more than just their name engraved into some wall and tourists should spend more time paying their respects.

We spent that night at our friend house before heading on to Philadelphia the next day.
*Note*I am not the most patriotic person and I’m sure, despite political beliefs, most Americans can agree that this nation has many flaws especially during in chaotic time. But to see our country in it’s finest and to learn about the foundation this nation was built upon was humbling. I received a newfound respect for our freedom and became more gracious towards the system(though I did lose some of this respect as 2016 went on). I am sure I am not the only one who has had a similar experience while visiting this beautiful city, and that is why I recommend it so highly. Especially for teenagers. We live in an age where we get so caught up in what everyone is saying on Instagram or other forms of social media, that it is refreshing to see that this state was built on wonderful ideals even if those are not being held up to in our society and government today. It was really an amazing experience and I think everyone should have the opportunity to visit their countries capital at one point in their lives, just to be properly educated and receive the respect that the experience lays upon us.

San Francisco II – Images


Muir Woods.


View from a street below Coit Tower down through the Italian neighborhood and up the hill.


Big tree.


Panorama across the edge of the Golden Gate Bridge.


Garden in Golden Gate Park.




The City from the Golden Gate Bridge.


Bridge sidewalk.


Alcatraz from the boat.


The City from the boat.


Bay Bridge from the boat.


Bikes and the Bay Bridge.


Sausalito from the bus.


Golden Gate Bridge behind hills.


City and Bay Bridge from boat.


Shot of Virgin Atlantic A340 from inside an Alaska B737-700.


Golden Gate Bridge in the clouds.


Muir Woods.


Cool shot of bridge towers.


Bridge from car.


Coit Tower.


Shot of sky, clouds and sun behind a blended winglet/wingtip fence combo on an Alaska B737-900.


Painting of Coit Tower and Golden Gate Bridge.


Road leading to the Bridge on the City side.


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Close-up of fog over the south tower.

Getting Baby

One day me and Sophie went Station park. And we saw it was adoption day at Petco. So we went in and we saw Baby (the dog) so Sophie called mom. Then mom came down and we showed mom. Then we went home. And mom got baby!!!!!!!!!

And I did this 

Noah’s Poem

spike is a cute cat

bella is too put them together
and its too cute to be true!
spike’s to do list
1. nap
2. eat food
3. nap
4. eat diner
5. go to bed
bella’s to do list
1.sleep on noah’s bed

The Weekend

This weekend I went on a sleep over with mommysmom. We watched Thor 1 and 2 half of The Winter Soldier and did a 300 piece puzzle and I played with magnets too.

Stuff 3 (Hotel/Casinos and Regular Spike)

I am currently posting from McDonald’s in Mesquite, Nevada, that failed attempt at a mini-Vegas between Vegas and St. George on the I-15.  Seriously, as you ride through the endless desert between there and Vegas, you see all these ads for hotel/casinos in Mesquite.  And then you get there, just to get gas and lunch or something and you see all these desolate buildings and broken signs for these huge attempted resorts.  I think their main source of revenue is really just weary travelers who need a place to crash for the night and take advantage of the dirt-cheap hotels.  I know we always did it when I was a little kid.

So yesterday, out of seemingly nowhere we decided to leave the beach near Oxnard and go back to Farmington because of non-significant reasons, but the whole thing was still an overall good experience and it ended well.

We ended up getting to my Mom’s friend’s house in Las Vegas last night at around 9:30.  We just crashed there.  So last night I ended up stealing this little kid’s room, even though I was like, “No, seriously, the floor is fine…” and there was this really clingy cat named George that kept me up for half the night.  It was just like living at my house in Farmington.  My cat, Regular Spike, has a nasty habit of yowling at my door several times early in the morning.  I let him in, and then he just wants to go back out again.  Rinse and repeat.  But the thing is, he doesn’t want to do it when I want to get up.  He wants to do it when he wants to do it, which is generally about 4:45 a.m. pretty much every day, like clockwork.  He eventually gets bored with it though, thank God.  So yeah, good times.

And then we got back on the freeway, but my Mom had pre-scheduled a screen-share with a co-worker before we had known we were gonna screw it and book it, because we really did just do that out of nowhere.  And now I’m at McDonald’s in Mesquite.

Kath’s House

I went to my mom’s friend’s house on our trip.  She has two kids named Ella and  Thomas. And we stayed for three days and we went to Souplantation.  I got a ton of mac & cheese it was really yummy. Kath is really nice and funny.

Me and my sister and Ella made a music video and I was a guy who died in it wearing an afro.

This is me as a character in a music video made with Ella

This is me as a character in a music video made with Ella


And they mysteriously had A CAT that looked like both of my CATS combined–dun, dun, DUH!


I’m at Starbucks

I might just do the exact same thing I did yesterday.  And the day before.  Probably not Monday though.  I think I did something different Monday.  I don’t even know, I can’t remember what I did this week, or what day it is most of the time.  I think I went to the beach for a bunch of hours yesterday and the day before, but not Monday.  I suppose it’s not going to matter.  Unless I get interrogated.  I’d be like, “I swear I’m clean!” and they’d be like, “Oh really?  Then what were you doing on Monday?  “Ohhhhhhh crap….”

It’s pretty windy outside.  Maybe I can order another box kite and land it in the ocean and end up swimming after it in my jeans like yesterday.  Or land it on some dude’s roof-deck and spend twenty minutes trying to hoist it out.  See, I can’t even do something normal without failing in some sort of outrageous manner.  I need to come up with a job where that doesn’t matter.  Maybe professional caveman or hermit would suffice.

I am trying to write more, I have a really good sequence of ideas, it’s just hard.  I tried writing the same thing before, and I just went straight into writing it in novel format and I got about 75 pages in and then realized it was mostly garbage.  And I lost that flash drive anyway.  But I figured I could tweak the story a little, make it less dark and more original and change some plot elements just a little, as well as doing more brainstorming beforehand.  I made this decision officially a while after I got to California, and so far I have about 3.4 pages of comprehensive plot summary.  I would share more about what the story was about, but it would actually be quite difficult due to its complicated nature.  Explaining the story would take forever.  I am working on that plot summary, but it probably would not make sense to other people because I designed it as a reference for myself and it’s full of these weird anecdotes that represent plot elements.  But if it ends up being good and is worth continuing to work on, I’m sure anyone who reads this will hear more.

That’s all I really got for now.

Experiences in Solitude

So yeah, nothing very dramatic happened.  But I did go to McDonald’s today.

But then the WiFi didn’t work so we ended up just going to Starbucks again.  This particular one that we always go to and work at has amazing WiFi.  I could experiment with Pandora’s heavy metal and load music on YouTube stations without cyberspace collapsing into itself.

I tried to fly a box kite for the sixth time today (it had actually flown three of the times before, none of them ended well, and it wouldn’t fly at all for the other two).  It ended ended considerably badly this time, as the end of this event included me looking up box kites on Amazon.

I have continued to to text my friend from Utah, just a little bit, for the past few days.  Also, today my friend from camp last summer called me for a few minutes.  To put that into perspective for all you “regular” people, that’s more social life than I’ve had in quite a while.

I also went to the beach for…. probably at least two hours today.  Same yesterday.  It hasn’t really been good for boogie boarding for the past few days, as the waves have been very huge.  They were like probably eight feet high above the regular ocean level sometimes (which I guess is normal or smaller than normal in some places but generally not with my experiences at my beach) and you could see the curl, like the one in my featured image (I seriously love that picture.  It could totally be someone’s post-rock album cover….. and it was just on some free wallpaper website, I didn’t even plagiarize anything.).  There were waves with these big curls a lot closer to the shore than usual.  And I was swimming around by them and basically body-surfing (I’m not sure if there’s one right way to do that).  At the beach by my house you walk in and it’s pretty rocky, and then there’s kind of a ditch formation where it gets about a foot or two deeper with the rocky ground on one side and smooth sand coming up on the far side, and then it gets pretty shallow again.  After you get past that spot you can body-surf easily.  Right before the huge ones flip over you can dolphin-dive right under them and come up the other side.  Or if you time it right you sort of ride the crest of it right as it’s breaking, and then it will roll out from under you so you don’t get sucked in.  If you ride it as it flips you risk getting violently thrown to the bottom sometimes.  Or you get sucked in and the wave tosses you around erratically before you can swim back up and get air.  I did it a few times.  The last wave I messed with today was huge and I got thrown straight to the bottom and scratched my back up a little and hit my head, fortunately not too hard.

That’s when I decided I was done with the ocean for today.